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Team Green - boy name poll

We like older, classic names that are uncommon since we have a very common last name. These are the only names DH likes so far. 

Team Green - boy name poll 36 votes

47% 17 votes
41% 15 votes
11% 4 votes

Re: Team Green - boy name poll

  • I love Calvin with the possible nn Cal.
  • Ralph is unexpected and has such a cute nn of Ralphie.

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  • Use Raphael NN Ralph. Your best choice.
  • jenEPjenEP
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    @harpseal135 Ralph is not a shortened form or nn for Raphael 
  • FakeFinnFakeFinn
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    Love Arthur! Beautiful, classic name!
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  • @jenEP, excuse me, but I know someone who is NN Ralph and his name is Raphael - so it's not unheard of! 
  • I have to say Calvin because it reminds me of the comic strip that I grew up with (and my sister has a nephew named Calvin) ;) but I really love all of them.
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