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Girl name to go with her 3 brothers

We’re having our 4th baby in November and she is our first girl. I always thought naming a girl would be so much easier but I’m having problems. 

My style: older names (think “old lady” names), must have a good nickname as all my other kids go by nn/shortforms. 

Her brothers:
James Charles Robert (goes by Charlie, James is my husband’s family name)
Henry Alexander (nn Huck)
Edward Christopher (nn Teddy)

open to all suggestions!
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Re: Girl name to go with her 3 brothers

  • Edith nn Edie
    Frances nn Frankie/Frannie/Fannie
    Elizabeth nn Betsy/Bettie/Birdie
    Winifred/Gwendolyn nn Winnie
    Margaret nn Mamie/Margo/Margie/Millie

    Other favorite vintage names without obvious nn's (but confident one would come to y'all!)
    Louise (Weezie?)
  • Love Elizabeth and Margaret suggestions and will add nn Libby for Elizabeth.

    Charlotte nn Lottie
    Vivian nn Vivi or Viv
    Genevieve nn Genna,  Vi
    Amelia nn Mia, Lia
    Violet nn Vi
    Penelope nn Penny or Poppy
    C/Katherine nn Kate, Kat, Katie

    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
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  • I hear ya! We had our 4th and 1st girl in January. Took 4 names to the hospital and ended up picking something not on the list! It was so much harder than I expected!
    I love your sons names. Suggestions for your baby girl:

    Adelaide (Addy)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Estelle (Elle or Stella)
    Margaret (Maggie)
    Cordelia (Cora or Lia)
    Isabella (Izzy or Bella)
    Madeline (Maddie)
    Rosaline (Rosie)
    Victoria (Vicki)
    Camille (Cami)
    Delilah (Lila)
  • saham07saham07
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    Carla nn Carly
    Mae nn Mazy
    Estelle nn Elle
    Francine nn Francie
    Maxine nn Maxy
    Margaret nn Daisy, Margie
    Pauline nn Polly
    Valentina nn Teenie, Tina
    Beatrice nn Bea, Bay

  • coastalmomma2coastalmomma2
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    edited July 9
    So many good suggestions. 
    I love Elizabeth nn Libby.
    Rosemary (Rosie)
    Eleanor (Nora, Ella, or Nell)
    Clementine (Minnie)
    Cordelia (Della)
    Katherine (Kitty, Kate)
  • Ok my guilty pleasure is Gertrude with the NN Trudy.

    Adele is another one.
  • FakeFinnFakeFinn
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    Pps have great suggestions, Beatrice being my fave. How about:
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  • k_mama91k_mama91
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    Penelope nn Nellie
    Charlotte nn Lottie, Lettie, Ettie 
    Rosemary nn Rosie
    Elizabeth nn Ellie, Eliza 

    Im in love with your style and your boys nicknames!
  • mb0112mb0112
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    Consider any repeats as endorsements!

    Beatrice nn Bea
    Louisa nn LuLu
    Josephine nn Jo or Josie
    Isadora nn Dory 
    Rosalie or Rosemary nn Rose or Rosie
    Elizabeth nn Libby, Beth, Birdy
    Harriet nn Hattie

  • Josephine (Josie)
    Virginia (Ginny)
    Margaret (Maggie)
    Beatrice (Bee)
    Dorothea (Thea)
    Evangeline (Eve)
    Gwendolyn (Gwen)
    Katherine (Kate)
    Adeline (Addy)

    Married: April 2012

    MC: Aug 2014

    IF Dx irregular periods & Luteal Phase Defect: May 2015

    DS: born April 2016 on Prometrium

    TFAS: since Oct. 2018

    BFP 6/3/19 on Prometrium!

  • saham07saham07
    Eighth Anniversary 5000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Love Its
    Penelope nn Pippi
    Dorothy nn Dotty Dot
    Katherine Kitty, Kit, Kathy
    Emily nn Emmy
    Ruth nn Ruthy, Rue

  • Virginia (Ginny)
    Guinevere (Gwen)
    Adele, Adelaide (Addy)
    Eleanor (Ella, El, Nora)
  • beccs98beccs98
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    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I’ve gone through all of your ideas and added them to my list. 
    So far my favorites are
    Elizabeth (nn Betty, Birdie, Betsy)
    Louise (nn Lou)
    Margaret (nn Maisie, Margot, Millie) 
    Georgia (nn?)
    Mabel (nn?)

    i LOVE Beatrice but I have a cat named Bellatrix so would feel weird.
    I also love Penelope but have a family member who just named her baby that.

    Do you think it would be odd to use Louise if it’s my middle name?
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