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SI joint pain, sciatica, or Pelvic Girdle Pain anyone??

Hello!! I am 30 weeks pregnant and literally stuck in bed. Every time I get up or even try to roll over I shooting pain on my right side that shoots down my lower back butt and upper thighs but doesn't go past my knees. I literally cannot walk :( anyone experienced this while pregnant and found anything to help?  Also i've been having numbness in both side of low back and through my pelvis even to the point of some bladder incontinence. (Sorry tmi I know)  previosly diagnosed with ongoing DDD and have had SI joint issues for 10+ years along with other joint issues, arthritis,  and back problems, connective tissue disease soooo idk if this is from pre-existing issues flaring up, or something I should be more concerned with. Thanks!!! 

Re: SI joint pain, sciatica, or Pelvic Girdle Pain anyone??

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    Sorry you are dealing with this it sounds miserable. I have not experienced crippling sciatica but I have heard others describe experiences similar to yours.

    It sounds like sciatica (that it's one sided leg pain making it difficult to walk). I'd ask my doctor and try stretches:

    As far as I can tell, a certain amount of incontinence comes along with just being pregnant. :) (I'm 30ish weeks along, too.)

    I'd talk to my doctor anyway. Write down all your symptoms so you don't forget. Your doctor or neurologist may be able to link symptoms of numbness to a known problem (like DDD). It's likely that further testing would be pursued after pregnancy (like an MRI to check out what may be causing back numbness). If you get relief from the sciatica and numbness after baby is born, it could be that some of these symptoms  were related to weight of baby on the spine / nerves. (Disclaimer I'm not a doctor or a nurse, just someone with a neuro diagnosis and experience with neuro testing as "the patient".)

    I hope you find some relief soon. That must be so discouraging to be in pain whenever you stand.

    Also, unrelated but from a communication and community standpoint, if you change your username people will be able to talk to you easier and respond to you better. There is a thread about changing your username from "knottie- random string of numbers" to something more personal and specific. It is called "knottie-users read this (how to change your username)" or something like that.
  • That sounds a lot like sciatica. I had to go to my chiropractor twice weekly towards the end of my first pregnancy. I also did stretches and wore a belt. Part of it could be preexisting conditions flaring up, but it's also quite common in pregnancy. If it's that bad that you can't get out of bed, definitely talk to your doctor.
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    I've been the same on and off throughout this pregnancy. I had a little boy last year and I was grand, few aches and pains but not bad until after I had him. Sciatica showed itself at about 6wks pp and its been on and off since. Some days I can't walk, others I'm OK but for the most part I kinda hobble about. Pelvic pain has been crazy throughout too. Dr reckons ill end the pregnancy on crutches which is really good when you've a 13 month old 😲 not long left tho so hopefully I'd solves itself soon after birth. 
  • That is terrible! I have had pelvic, hip and back pain in all three of my pregnancies, but not as severe as you.  This time around I am going for Osteopathic Manipulation once a week.  The treatments hurt like heck, and I often bruise from them, but it has significantly helped me.  I have 10lb babies and have had my kids close.  I have a 3.5 year old, 1.5 year old, and am now 37 weeks pregnant.  I too am not young, I am 37 years old.  These pregnancies have wrecked havoc on my body, but the Osteopathic treatments have really helped me with the pain in my 3rd trimester this time.  

    Hang in there!!! 
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