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Keira or Rose?

Which name do you prefer: Keira McNeil or Isla Rose McNeil? As far as a sibling set goes, big brother's name is Declan, and we tend to favor more uncommon names (we are in the U.S.). Thank you!

Keira or Rose? 26 votes

Keira McNeil
23% 6 votes
Rose McNeil
76% 20 votes

Re: Keira or Rose?

  • Isla Rose - Isla is very popular right now in my area.

    If you are going Rose - not as popular, very feminine.

    Keira- not as common but I find to be more fun and spunky and I think goes well with Declan. 
  • mb0112mb0112 member
    I voted for Rose. It’s not common as a first name and it’s beautiful! I do like Keira too although I prefer Ciara
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  • I love Rose as a first name. Wish I could have convinced DH to use it!
  • Keira goes well with the sibset, but I love Rose as a first name more!
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