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Miscarriage and Blood Type

Has anyone in here had a miscarriage and have a negative blood type? Did your doctor immediately have you get the Rhogam shot? I'm very angry because after my first ultrasound I had just started bleeding and told my doctor this. He didn't mention the shot at all or the need for it. He said I could try to miscarry naturally (again no mention of the shot). I went in about a week and a half later-- and by this point and lost a lot of blood and thought most of the contents were out (although apparently not). He then said "oh did you go to the ER?". Um, no. No one told me to do that. He the sent me over to get a shot. From what I have read, I would have needed to get the shot immediately. I just saw they did blood work and I came back positive for antibodies. Which means he didn't give me the shot soon enough for it to have stopped the blood mixing and my body developing antibodies.

This was my first pregnancy and I'm a negative blood type (hubby is positive). I'm devastated that this will impact any future healthy babies all because the doctor was negligent. Anyone else have a similar experience? Or have negative blood with positive antibodies? What did you do? :(

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  • I'm going down the rabbit hole that is Google an I'm so livid right now. This could have and should have been prevented. Reading about the risks that will exist if I get pregnant now makes me so angry. 
  • @doctorcrime I do not have a negative blood type. I just wanted to say how sorry I am you are dealing with this! You are suppose to be able to trust your doctors and your’s failed you! You are in my thoughts. 
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  • I'm a negative blood type and miscarried. I demanded Rhogam as soon as 9 heard the M-word. I had to be my own patient advocate about it, though. Everyone at the office seemed really wishy-washy about it. It's really frustrating. Also the risks of giving rhogam are so minimal it doesn't make sense why they are so coy about it. (Probably the cost...).
    On your next pregnancy they will just have to be more diligent with administering it.
  • I’m rH negative and I’ve had 4 losses.  Two were chemical pregnancies and I was not given the shot.  The other two losses were missed miscarriages and I was given the shot the same day I found out about the losses. 
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  • I’m rh-negative and experiencing my first loss. My dr offered my the RhoGAM shot at my appointment last week, but I have an appointment for this coming Friday to confirm the loss. I will get the shot then, I’m guessing. I was sort of holding out a little hope that baby was just measuring small-ish but as if this week, my minimal pregnancy symptoms have all but disappeared. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m experiencing my first miscarriage. 😥 Still not sure what my course of action will be. I didn’t think a wanted to go the surgical route, but after reading up on it and talking to a few people, I’m wondering if that’s what I should do. I’m worried that waiting for it naturally might take a long time and result in more days of feeling crappy. 
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    I have a negative blood type and was given the rhogam shot in recovery after my D&C. I’m so sorry, I really pray you don’t have any complications from it and have healthy pregnancies in the future. 
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  • If it’s any consolation, my husband also has a positive blood type. Both of our sons have negative blood types, so maybe that will work out for you. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of that on top of your miscarriage. Heartbreaking. 
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  • I had asked my doctor about the rhogam shot while i was actively TTC. My doctor told me that there was no need to get a rhogam injection until i was actually pregnant and they usually dont give it until 28 weeks of pregnancy unless there is bleeding in early pregnancy. It is to protect you from developing a reaction to the fetus's blood and you dont have any fetal blood in your circulation unless you have significant bleeding during pregnancy or with childbirth. So administering the rhogam after a D&C makes sense because of the blood loss, but I dont see how it would help prevent a miscarriage unless it's your second child and your first was a positive blood group (because of which you had the antibodies in your system). 
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