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Product Spotlight 6/7: Travel Accessories

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Calling all mamas on the go! What are your must-have items and accessories for traveling with baby (whether it’s by car, plane, train, two-person rowboat, or spaceship)? 

Edit: forgot to add the link to the spreadsheet! Take a look at what’s coming up if you have a couple minutes. Are we happy with the schedule or should we make some changes? Leave any suggestions in the comments below.

Re: Product Spotlight 6/7: Travel Accessories

  • rms924rms924 member
    We recently went to Florida on vacation with ds1 (3.5 yrs) & ds2 (1.5 yrs). I prob could have left everything behind except for my double stroller. It’s a life saver in the airports and theme parks. 

    My second recommendation is probably personal: snacks, hand wipes and an iPad. All stuff to keep them occupied on the plane. 

    That said, we are not frequent travelers. We prefer road trips because it’s a bit easier with the kids. Most likely, after #3 arrives, we will def be hanging around locally!
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  • I have so many thoughts on this and I’ll have a better post in a little bit. We traveled a TON before DS and we’ve still managed to travel quite a bit with him - he has been on 9 flights in his lifetime (2 yrs). 
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    Does no one anticipate traveling?!? lol. It is daunting, but I always said I would never let having kids deter us from traveling and it hasn’t for the most part. We fully plan on doing an international trip when this LO is between 6-11mo old.

    Okay, so we have this tent for easy travel - it folds up pretty small - it takes up about 1/2 the size of a carry-on. We used it when DS was 9mo with no issues at all and he still uses it today for traveling (friends houses, hotels and naps on the weekends). It is so much easier than a PnP is to lug around.

    We got this travel thermos thingy for warming up bottles on the go, but never really had to use it much since I was able to BF for so long.

    When we traveled with DS before he was 18mo I never took our stroller. It was so much easier to just baby wear him. It made going up stairs and basically just navigating around cities / hikes so much easier. I never had to be on the lookout for elevators.

    We’ve done some car travel and I highly recommend this “piddle pad”. It caught some vomit and I didn’t have to clean the entire car seat because it contained most of it.

    Airplane travel is easier than you think, most international carrier have special baby bassinets that attach to the wall in the bulkhead seat space. British Airways actually has two versions - the Moses basket and a little chair. The Moses basket is good for <6mo, and the chair is good for 6mo-2yrs. 
  • @lillywonderland I'll be honest and say I completely avoided all travel for like the first 4 months at least and then just to my mom's by car. Not sure if DS will let me get away with it though. I admit we still haven't travelled by plane with him. We travelled quite a bit pre kid so are waiting til he is older. I think my sister is annoyed though. For hotel stays I figured I may want a pack and play. Like the Guava Lotus travel one that goes into a back pack. I never used a pack n play before but was thinking it could be useful maybe with an older kid around? For naps out by us? I have no idea. Not something I'll buy pre baby.
  • @lillywonderland - thanks so much for your indepth response - super helpful!

    @janat1717 I'm eyeing the Guava lotus too, we are going to always be on the move since we live so far from family! It looks super compact, and hopefully, the price means it's pretty durable. I spent a lot of time researching between that one and the babybjorn travel crib - both look good, but the BB one jumped up so much in price that I can't justify it! 
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  • @bluepeach565 I've heard good things about both. I like how with the Guava you can have it open on the bottom and lie with them.

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    @lillywonderland we loved that travel warmer when we had our son! 

     I recommend the boon travel drying rack for traveling. It comes with brushes and a drying rack to wash bottles/sippy cups while traveling. Comes in handy if you’re at a hotel and don’t have access to a sponge and your brushes. It’s compact, and definitely comes in handy!

    *edited: just re-read this and realized it said boob instead of boon 😂
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