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Early pregnancy symptoms or lack thereof

I am 6 weeks pregnant today, but am not experiencing any symptoms that they warn you about (breast tenderness, nausea, etc). Is it just too early or should I be worried?

Re: Early pregnancy symptoms or lack thereof

  • I have been pregnant several times, and with each one, the symptoms start at different times.  With this one, my symptoms were pretty mild until about 9 weeks.

    i would not be too worried, every woman and every pregnancy is so different.

    on the other side of the spectrum, TW I had a CP in December, before I had a positive test, I had no doubt I was pregnant because the ridiculously bad breast tenderness.  Then the next few days, I had extreme exhaustion.  I miscarried within a week of finding out.
  • I’m 7 weeks and symptoms have only started picking up within the last couple of days and they come and go. I know it’s hard not to worry. I’ve had 6 losses myself and they have all had different symptoms starting at different times. 
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  • Symptoms or lack thereof have no bearing on the health of your pregnancy. Enjoy the days you feel good because that can change at any time!
  • I had no symptoms with my pregnancy. Symptoms can come and go, not exist, be mild or severe.  Symptoms have no bearing on outcome of a pregnancy.
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