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Photo Shoots!

What does everyone plan on doing for photo shoots?

Are you planning a maternity shoot? What will you be wearing? Inspo pics?

Are you planning on pictures in the delivery room? Maybe a “First 48” session? A newborn studio sesh? 

Let’s hear your thoughts! 

Re: Photo Shoots!

  • I'm not doing maternity pictures. My engagement photos were so awkward for me... I don't want to relive that lol. I do plan on doing newborn photos. That reminds me I should start looking into photographers. 

    Also, no photographer in the delivery room for me. I am sure my sis will take a few pictures, but I don't need anything professionally done. 
  • No maternity photoshoot for me. But you can bet your butt I am dropping some cash on cute newborn photos. 
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  • @kgg2241Im right there with you on the awkwardness of posed photos. I did maternity pics with DS and Wedding pics last October both were awkward.

    I love my maternity pics I got done with DS, but after never losing the baby weight and now with the weight I’ve gained/will continue to gain with this baby I just don’t feel comfortable. I want to love the pictures and I know I won’t be able to get out of my own head. 

    My mom was able to capture some great pics in the delivery room, so I’ll probably be asking her if she would like to do that again, but I do love the professional ones that I see floating around. 

    If my wedding photographer is on board I’d like to do a first 48 session where she comes and takes pics in the hospital more editorial style. I’m hoping she’s willing and not ridiculously priced. I know it can get expensive due to having to be on call not to mention during peak wedding season. 
  • I wanted to do the maternity pics and newborn pics, but seeing as we need a new car...that’s not happening. I might ask my friend (who has a fancy camera) to snap some pics for me when LO is tiny.

    I just need to be more mindful of what’s going on during/after labor and take more pictures! I have only a couple pics of D-day and my fresh from the oven DS. I’ll just have to bug DH this time to make sure to take lots of pictures this time around.
  • I want to do maternity pics since we didn’t with DS1. They’d be more like family pictures with some pictures of just me. We usually do family pictures twice a year anyway and haven’t done any yet. I just don’t know when. I want to look pregnant enough but don’t want it to be hot as balls... probably should have them done in the next month or so.

    Also plan to do newborn pictures. I love the ones I have from DS1 so much. 
  • Feeling very conflicted about this topic. Newborn pics for sure. I want to document everything about this process but I'm looking like a bumpy whale and am not sure I'll like to fondly look back on professional (expensive) photos of me. I have a nice camera so maybe I'll just get DH to snap a few? What do you do with maternity photos anyway? Wedding and engagement I get. Do you send them in Xmas cards? Surely not for us since our babes will be here before Xmas? 

    I'm so indecisive. 
  • @nomangos23 this brings up conflict for me too. 
    This will be the first year sending out Christmas cards. So do I have pics taken again in December?! The struggle is real...
  • @duewithpu2 Nah toss DS into a few newborn shots and you can use the same photos. It's not like a year will have gone by or anything
  • I've done maternity pics and newborn pics with both kids and plan on doing the same with this one. I would highly recommend you do them. A lot of ladies I talk to who don't end up regretting it. You only get to experience this a couple times if that and I believe having some pretty pics of it is priceless. There are many photographers out there where you don't need to spend an arm and a leg. Check your local FB groups or ask around. A mini session which is usually 20-30 minutes is usually around $100-$200 by me. I don't like the idea of first 48 but would suggest newborn pics be taken within 10 days of birth. Just my 2 cents. 
  • I’m not getting maternity pics (didn’t with DS either), but I will absolutely get newborn pics! We don’t have many candid shots of me and him or him and MH, so I really love the newborn ones we got. 
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  • Where did you guys find your newborn photographers? 
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    @nomangos23 We didn't do formal (professional) maternity or newborn pics last time, and don't plan to this time, but do plan to have DH take some pics with our good camera (ETA: good as in not our phones :D ) soon of me and DS while I'm pregnant, and I'll take some of baby girl as a newborn - I see the maternity pics more as something for the kids to have when they grow up (I wish I had more pics of my mom), and for me and DH to look back on when we're old(er). We take a really informal anniversary pic every year, and those are really fun to look back at and see how we've changed, so I see maternity pics as roughly in the same vein as that for us.
    And this is slightly off topic, but I 'm really grateful that you guys motivated me to take weekly bump pics this pregnancy! I know I'll be so happy to have those, and I was pretty ready not to do it this time around.
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    @lillywonderland I have a few recommendations from nearby family but I have also been consulting the googles. Mostly, I just want to make sure that they're a professional photographer with significant newborn experience. Doing newborn photo shoots is particularly complicated and there are safety implications. Not to mention it requires the patience of a saint. I used to work as a studio photographer and school photographer (ahh, Lifetouch) when I was in college and there are specific certifications that you can get for the tiny bebes. 

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  • @cmdesigner you are so right, hiring someone with experience and training is imperative. I am a newborn, child & family photographer... it is HARD WORK getting those newborns into cute cozy poses and outfits and making sure they are safe. After each newborn session I do I feel like I've run a marathon it is hard on the body and I get really sore, but I love it!!

    As a photographer myself, I struggled with whether or not to hire someone else to do pictures for me or to do them all myself, what I believe I have ultimately decided (though not consulted my husband on) is to hire someone to do a lifestyle shoot for us about a week after the baby is born, at home. I can do all the studio formal pictures of our newborn (and I can' wait to have my own to practice on all the time!) and I can do the fresh48s in the hospital, but I'd love some lifestyle photos to capture us in our home, especially with my toddler who listens way better to someone else than she does her own Mom when it comes to pics! 
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  • I’ve done a newborn studio session for each kid. I’m not a fan of 48 fresh but that’s just me, I remember the day. 

    This is is my last baby so I decided to do a maternity shoot to kind of wrap it all up. This would be my first maternity shoot. 

    I will be wearing a dress like this. I love the long dress look. 
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  • I wasn’t going to do maternity or (professional) newborn pictures, but after reading all of these responses I’m thinking I should. I know my wedding photographer does newborn and family pictures, but she’s pretty pricey. Still kinda on the fence about maternity pictures. I’m afraid they’ll look awkward. 
  • @themadcamel We don't do any professional pics. This time I do intend to get more than 1 pic the day of the birth though! 
  • @themadcamel I was meh on maternity pictures last time because what am I going to do with pictures of my giant bump? But I seriously love my newborn pictures. They were pricey but so worth it. A good photographer can work some serious magic. The pictures I took of DS were all always horrible with him looking funny or weird flash, etc. 
  • @calliah good point about the newborn photos. Looking at some peoples portfolios, it’s clear that I could never achieve something that good. 
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