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Cord Blood Banking

Ladies - thoughts? Opinions? This might be a hot topic, but I'd love to her your perspective. 

Re: Cord Blood Banking

  • DH and I had to sign an official-ish seeming document with the OB the other day stating she offered us the option to bank our baby's cord blood. When asked what the stems cells could treat she said diseases like leukemia and they're testing treatments for Autism, but she didn't know much about the latter. 

    It's not covered by ins and I was told to expect $2,500 and a $300/yr banking fee afterwards. On one end of the spectrum it seems like the invest is small to be able to deliver life saving medications to your child. On the other hand, what is the likelihood of your LO developing this disease? Kind of a hard call. 

    OB did say 70% of her patients pass on the CBB option, however did not have statistics on how many people have had to use their cells. 

    Autism runs in my family (my half uncle is extremely autistic/mentally retarded) so having that as an option seems.... safer? Ugh, I don't know. 
  • If you do delayed cord clamping, I don't think you can bank the cord blood? I don't know... But dang those guys call my phone ALL the time!
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  • We did this with my son, and I always kinda laugh that we have it banked and when we would stop!? But nevertheless, it’s there, and I’ll have to do it with kid 2 because I did with kid 1🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t judge either way, because it’s just kind of a gamble. 
  • I have done cord banking with my other 2 and will do it this time as well. I hope I never have to use it but if I need it, it’s there. 
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  • We donated our cord blood. Not only is it free, but it'll get used to save a life. It turns out the conditions for using your own cord blood are quite short vs someone else not related being able to use it. And if you are concerned about not being able to delay cord clamping, you still get to do it kind of. The cord isn't cut until the cord blood has been collected, but not every drop goes into the collection bag so some still gets to baby.
  • We did store the cord and tissue with my daughter, and we will be doing so again with CBR it is costing $1850 for the new cord & tissue to be stored, and yes its about $300 annually to keep it in storage. The first one was more expensive, I wanna say around 3k, 
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