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Halloween costumes

Hey ladies! So I know we are all due in anyone searching for Halloween costumes? I know he won't be going trick or treating and I'll probably waste money on something we will get 1 photo of and that's it, but hey...ftm and I just wanna! I was born on Oct 13 and my parents dressed me up and took me out, mainly bc I had an older brother who wanted candy. Lol. Anyway, just thought it would be fun to see any ideas anyone has.

P.s. idk how to do the gif thing :(

Re: Halloween costumes

  • I'll probably baby wear this LO while we take DS trick or treating so I may try to think of something fun to do with that. Or maybe I'll go the lazy route and just put a cute hat on her lol. 
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  • @nomangos23 lord above, baby dino for the win. Sold.
  • @duewithpu2 I will definitely be doing the Mandrake costume. Hopefully I get a picture with her crying so that she looks like the real thing
  • @duewithpu2 Is that pumpkin the reason he doesn't like costumes? LOL!
    We will be handing out candy, I am sure I will get her something just haven't started looking yet. 
  • @cmdesigner omg so cute. Where is the cow one from? I might need to steal your idea :).

  • @duewithpu2 That pumpkin picture is just adorable! DS was 9 months his first Halloween otherwise I would have stuffed him in a pumpkin too. Instead he just wore a pumpkin costume

    I don't know what to do this year. Halloween is such a toss-up if it's freezing or not in Michigan. And our daycare doesn't celebrate Halloween so we don't need anything for there. Will probably be a spur of the moment decision. I'd love to do something Harry Potter related, but DS will probably want to be a superhero.
  • @calliah I feel your pain. PA weather is so unpredictable that time of year. 

    @monkeysmom80 you’re probably right! I scarred him for life 
  • @calliah Halloween in Minnesota is always unpredictable too. Everyone always likes to talk about the Halloween blizzard of 1991. We got 28 inches (google images, it was crazy). We were still out there trick or treating tho lol.
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  • I’m going to live vicariously through you all and your awesome costumes, while we turn out the lights and pretend nobody’s home and go to bed at like 8!
  • The weather is a toss up in VA too. But, Halloween is my favorite too @cmdesigner! So many cute baby costumes before they have opinions. 
  • blitzybeeblitzybee member
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    We did kangaroo for my son and I was a kangaroo too with him in my “pouch” aka carrier. Probably will do the same! Too bad the baby costume my son wore will probably be too big. 
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    For DD I was about 38 weeks pregnant for Halloween. At my work we decided to dress up as the 4 season  so I made my belly into a snowman. DD first Halloween after she was born she was a little fox. 

    I have no idea what I will dress this one up as for her first Halloween but I will most likely make their costumes match in some way. 

  • As of right now I’m thinking having my older two be Anna and Elsa and the baby be Olaf. 
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  • @kgg2241it was a handmade costume that I found on pinterest :)
  • DH and I might try to pull off Jack, Sally, and Zero. We'll see though.
  • @cmdesigner that little bat costume is so cute! DS has not only never been in a costume, he still has no idea halloween is a thing - he'll be old enough this year he will, so I'll have to think up something!
  • We will have one 9 year old, a 2.5 year old, and a newborn so we decided to do Incredibles Theme most likely. Time could change it up but it just sounds fun. Last year we went as Hotel Transylvania people!
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  • @ternsetc We haven't either. At 2.5 we started sitting out at a fire pit in the driveway and handing out honey sticks. Now at 4 I think he may want to dress up and go to some friends houses. We don't really do Halloween but it's huge in our neighborhood so we don't avoid it either. Aeromax has great, realistic costumes for toddlers you can get on Amazon.
  • @lillywonderland My heart just exploded. I love that penguin costume. My mom made my halloween costume every year and they were soooo special. Kids costumes are so chintzy these days and they charge an arm and a leg for them. Too bad I was a girl or I'd reuse all of my costumes for baby. And no, there were no gender neutral costumes. Aaaalllll princesses lol 
  • I bought a skeleton footless sleeper and pumpkin booties on clearance several months ago. So maybe just those. 
  • The weather in NJ for Halloween is a total crapshoot as well, it could be 70, it could be snowing... anyones guess. But our 3 year old LOVES Halloween so we'll definitely be out & about trick or treating so I'll have to come up with something cute for 2.0 to wear in either the stroller or an infant carrier. DH and I do not usually dress up. 
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