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Monday B!tchfest

I'm selfishly starting this one because I have to b!tch about something....

Re: Monday B!tchfest

  • So this is baby 3. We had a baby shower for baby 1 and a small diaper shower/sprinkle for baby 2. On DH's side, they are the type that have something for every baby. MIL flat out told me she wasn't planning anything for this baby (okay...) so I figured we would just host a sip and see later. Yesterday my mom starts talking about throwing us a sprinkle so I spent time coordinating with immediate family to check for vacations etc. I tell her some dates today and she decided we dont have time. Wtf was the point? I didnt care before about not having anything but now I'm mad. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
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  • @zuuls_mom I have gotten in the habit of packing extra snacks "for the kids" bc I know I'm going to end up needing some lol
  • Ugh! I just got an invite in the mail for a friend’s bridal shower - it’s the same day as my baby shower. We just ordered our invites today so it’s not like she knew. I’m mad that I can’t go to her shower, and I’m bummed because several of my close friends are in her wedding so they obviously have to go to hers. It is what it is, but what a sucky situation!
  • @cammie0526 I would be bummed too :(
  • @cammie0526 aweee that’s a bummer! Are they at the same time? If not maybe some people could catch part of your shower 
  • @duewithpu2 Unfortunately one’s in DC and one’s in Pittsburgh!
  • @cammie0526 oh yeah 4 hours apart would make for tricky travel 😂 are you in the PGH area? I’m about an hour outside the city!
  • @cammie0526 Ah, I'm sorry. I would be bummed too. Maybe you can set up a time to get dinner with the friends that can't make it? It still won't replace them at the actual shower though :(.
  • Sciatica is stupid. That is all :-p
  • The USPS is being stupid about forwarding my packages and just delivering my mail. Give me my new sheets! They should have been here a week ago!
  • @cheshyre319 ugh USPS is the worst! I hope you get your sheets soon! Last week they “didn’t want to leave my package unattended” (which they’ve never cared about before and why we also have parcel mail boxes), so I had to drive 20 min to my “local” post office to pick up my box containing a $3 bottle of dry shampoo 😑
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    @cheshyre319 our mailman doesn't even pick up our mail unless he is already opening our box. It's like he doesn't know what the flag is for. 
  • cheshyre319cheshyre319 member
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    @zuuls_mom And today the mail is apparently not coming at all. 🤬
    I moved a block ove . It's the same dude. WTH is going on?

    @janat1717 Oh, I'd be calling and being all up in their business. Do your job, dude!
  • @janat1717 Yeah, our mailman is the same except he won't pick up ANY mail ever.  We take our outgoing mail to a mail drop because he will NOT pick it up.  
  • @mommyshark13 do you think she saw all of the conflicting vacations dates and got flustered and decided "never mind"?
  • @nomangos23 Idk. There were 4 dates that worked. All she needed to do was pick one. It just seemed super flaky and pointless to bring up if she didnt intend to follow through. 
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