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Hey ladies what is your fav OPK?

It’s been almost ten years since I was last TTC. My first DD (11) was a year of charting and timing, with my second DD (9) my doctor gave me help with clomid. So this time, I have been off bcp only since end of March after 9 years of it. I have had one AF since and it was normal. My chart looks really pretty actually but bfn this morning. I’d like to try OPK’s again this month. I have yet to see a positive OPK but my chart shows a shift so I’m not sure. What’s you fav for  OPKs? 

Re: Hey ladies what is your fav OPK?

  • Mack2342Mack2342 member
    edited June 2019
    I use advanced clear blue.  It shows 3 different indicators from low, high to peak measuring hormone as it increases 
  • I used the Clear Blue Monitor and it didn't work for me. The cheapy internet OPKs (e.g. Wondfo) worked best.
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