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Hashimotos issues (high TSH) in early pregnancy

Just received my first confirmation blood test results via online database and I’m panicking. I’ll be five weeks tomorrow and my hcg is 3,955 but my TSH is 7.437 (it was much lower in acceptable range at my last testing- I was even hyper). I’m assuming the doctor will call tomorrow (and I’ll have to call her back because I’ve got an obligation in the morning). I’m already taking 175mcg of Synthroid daily. Does anyone have any similar stories or reassuring or calming words? I know anxiety won’t help but I’ve got so many worries.

Re: Hashimotos issues (high TSH) in early pregnancy

  • Hi there, I have hashimoto's too and very nervous about getting my blood tested later this month. Plus I found out I'm having twins so I would imagine I'm going to get pushed out of the normal range. I wouldn't worry about your tsh too much before talking to your dr. You haven't had a high tsh for very long so I don't see it being able to effect anything and your dr will be able to get it down asap. I think of it this way, many women probably don't know they have a high tsh during pregnancy. At least we are being monitored for it. 
  • @twinmamma45 You’re so right. Thank you for the voice of reason. My doctor increased my dose and I’m to have my numbers tested again early next month (I feel like it should be sooner but I’m trying to trust she knows what’s okay). I have my first OB appointment on the two weeks from today and I’m hoping they can do an ultrasound and ease some of my worries.

    Congratulations on your twins! 🙂
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