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Nash or Gibson

Nash Bradley Young
Gibson Brooks Young

or any other suggestions? 
Big brothers name is Hudson Jett 

Re: Nash or Gibson

  • kimc0423kimc0423
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    FYI - bradley is husbands name 
  • I like Nash since Gibson sounds similar to Hudson.
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  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    Nash Young? As in, Crosby Stills? I'd only use that if you're intentionally naming him after the band bc everyone will ask.
  • kimc0423kimc0423
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    I’ve never even heard of them! 😂
  • pizzaplzpizzaplz
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    @kimc0423 good thing you have us! 😆 That is the first thing I thought, too. Followed closely by, aren’t those both brands of guitars? (They are. But maybe you were going for that?)
    ETA: Brooks is a really cool name. Would you want to do that as a first name instead?
  • +1 on Brooks being a great name.
  • Isn't there a whole board for baby names?
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