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Good Sports Bra recommendation?

I thankfully have enough energy to work out, but with my growing ladies I wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation on a good sports bra. One of my coaches at Orangetheory recommended a “Shefit”. Anybody try those? Or have another suggestion?

Re: Good Sports Bra recommendation?

  • @lagerbaby I got a shefit bra when I was postpartum with my 1st. It appealed to me because I wanted something to hold the girls in solidly, and also was easy to nurse in. 

    1- Definitely holds the girls in. The thing is a tank.
    2- Very good for high impact workouts like running or HIIT with lots of jumping.
    3- Fully adjustable so as you go up and down in weight/cup size, you can tighten/loosen.

    1-Wasn't as easy to nurse in as I expected. Was a PITA to undo the strap, take it out of the loop and fold it down for access. Easier just to take off after workout to feed baby.
    2- Felt rather restrictive, couldn't wait to get out of the thing after working out.
    3- Very bulky feeling. Lots of material. I also didn't like how it looks under my workout clothes.
    4- A little uncomfortable. Adjusting the straps allows for minimal bouncing during high impact, but it also jams the plastic loops the straps go through into your armpits. It didn't affect my workout (like chafing or causing sores,) but it was annoying.
    5- Expensive. But I'm the kind of person who typically buys their sports bras for $15 at Target. So $60 was a bit much for one bra.

    Overall, I ended up using my shefit for higher impact workouts and wore a more comfortable (but less supportive) sports bra for weight lifting and yoga. Honestly knowing what I do now, I probably wouldn't have bought it, at least not at that price point. I have a friend who is larger-chested and always had trouble finding sports bras for running- she loves Enell brand. I've never tried them myself, but I may after my current pregnancy when I get back to running.

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  • Thanks so much! Super helpful!!
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