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Better to Allow Natural MC?

Hi everyone,
I went in to the doctor's at 6 weeks 3 days on 5/13 because of side pains that I was worried might mean a tubal pregnancy. Luckily  after the transvaginal u/s, it was determined I was not having a tubal pregnancy but the doctor said that there was no fetal pole or yolk after he found the sac. I have another scan on 5/29 to verify if the pregnancy is developing or not. I had a missed miscarriage last November at 9 weeks. Once again, I have all of the symptoms of pregnancy- vomiting, breast pain, fatigue. I will be so sad if this pregnancy doesn't happen for us. I had a D&C last time at 12 weeks when there was no sign of my body miscarrying naturally. This time, I'm considering asking for medication. However, I've read that if you go the route of a D&C or misaprostol (medication) that it takes your body even longer to heal than if you allow it to miscarry naturally. Is this true? It took us four months to get pregnant after the last mc. I'm very concerned about time because we're in our late 30's, so obviously I want to do what will be the fastest- all the while knowing that this whole possibility of having a baby is so out of my control. Any suggestions or past experiences? TIA!

Re: Better to Allow Natural MC?

  • @adorocafe I am so sorry for your loss and that you are going through this now. The waiting is so difficult! I have miscarried twice. The first time was a D &C and the second was a natural miscarriage. The D&C was quicker and less bleeding. My natural miscarriage was longer with more bleeding. Also more physical and emotionally draining. I will say after my D&C I conceived my daughter right after. I am not ready to try again with this second miscarriage. I hope in two weeks you see a baby with a healthy heart beat! Take care of yourself until then. 
  • @adorocafe I’m sorry for your losses.   I’ve had 3 losses and chose d & c with each because I knew then when it was going to happen and that recovery will be fairly quick.  For me, there were too many unknowns with a natural or medication.  I’ve known women to wait for natural and it took weeks before it happened or it didn’t and they eventually chose d & c in the end.  It was a very physically and emotionally draining for them.  With my d & cs I was able to try again with my next period.  So it didn’t take long.  It took me 9 months to conceive after the first two.  I’ve not conceived since the last one and it’s been a year and half.  However, I was over 40 with each one.  In the end, you need to do what’s comfortable for you.  
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  • @adorocafe, I had a natural miscarriage at 10w3d. Spawn was developing very slowly, and I was only measuring 6w3d. I think it allowed me some closure during the process. I got to say goodbye in MY way, in the privacy of my home with my partner. I would do it again, but I'm crossing fingers and toes and lighting candles I don't have to. 

    That said, if things hadn't taken care of themselves rather quickly, I definitely would have gone the route of a D&C. Waiting to miscarry sucked... And I really only had to wait 4 days from that last scan. 
  • I used misoprostol for a miscarriage in March 2018. If I had known that it would take 2 doses and 3 days for the meds to work, and that I would bleed for over 2 weeks after, I'd have had a D&C. Based on my personal experience, I'd never recommend natural or meds to anyone.
  • @goose1998 I originally thought I’d go the D&C route but after another ultrasound the doctor said that even though I hadn’t had much bleeding and that misoprostol was a better way to go then a full blown surgery. Now I’m at home for day 3 after taking both doses and just waiting. Barely any cramping and pretty much no bleeding yet either. Did it take a few days after you took the 2 doses to start working or did you feel it working right away just the bleeding continued for 2 weeks?
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