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Autistic bro.

i have a 26 yr old autistic brother. and i and my mother let him these things. (please make it in list format and explain why).

(we make him behave in public but at our/his house we don't care what he does as long as he's not hurting himself or others).

1. running butt naked (even infront of company). if hes more comfortable that way i shud i put clothes on him? and btw we have all wood floors so pee and poop wipe up easily. (were still working potty training.)

2. scream and shout. if he can't or won't talk he screams (i only allow this in the house) all he wants.

3. throw food. if its bad i say we have a food fight.

4. drawing on EVERYTHING walls, floors, NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS. i encourage his imagination.

5. paint on us and the walls. see #4

6. junkfood everyday all day. my brother is a picky eater so if he eats anything im so happy. (i give him a multivitamin to make up for all that he lost).

7. eat with his hands. its SUPER SUPER MESSY but he loves it.

8. were mis matched clothes in public.
if that means him wearing bright green pants a pink shirt sandels and a hat to church well gess what hes wearing it.

9. haveing "messy bath's" we get them off of Pinterest sencery baths for kids.

10. sleep with me. (hes got his own room) but if he wants to sleep with me he can.

11. jump on furniture and beds. (he has a trampoline and mini trampoline in his room) its just he likes to jump on furniture 😂.

12. play in mud. ANYWHERE. sure i was late taking him to his ABA but we had a blast getting soaked. btw. he went in to his ABA dripping mud the other kids and adults looked at us like we were crazy. (ok only some did) a couple of his teachers said "will its good he's having fun.😂😂😂😂😂.

13. pee in the shower. (if i can get him to pee i will (he once peed on the floor while i was cleaning up after arts and crafts i said (in my happiest voice i could) i said "buddy wow you made a big peepee lets get you cleaned up"

14. babytalk.. if he understands it better. I'll do it.

and 15. love him unconditional. he's thought me so much. ❤️
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