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Product Spotlight: Hospital Bag Essentials

Hi all! We've been doing great work sharing and reviewing products for general baby-prep and the newborn stage! A little further along we will turn our focus to products for the later baby stage (teething; essentials for the coming winter and summer), but for now in the wake of Mother's Day this past weekend let's have a three-part Product Spotlight Mom-Series, focusing first on labor/birth, then the postpartum period, and finally on nursing clothing and bras. 

First off, Labor and Birth! Specifically: Hospital Bag Essentials!

As with many other topics, I know we've discussed this before, but it's super useful to have one source where we can check back for quick reminders of products and recommendations, so I'd like to invite all STMs to share again what they packed in their hospital bags! Was there one website source with a good checklist that you could recommend? Also of interest would be: what did you wish you HAD packed, and what did you pack but did not end up using? And if you did not have a hospital birth nor a hospital bag, please share what products and accessories helped you out during your labor and birth! 

1) What did you need to have during labor? Did you bring your own labor accessories like a birthing ball or other position-enabling accessories? Your own pillow? I know some mamas want to have specific outfits during labor (instead of screaming naked into the world) too! Did you have a playlist, and what platform/audio product did you use for that? Distraction options for those who had some downtime at the hospital before serious, active labor? 

2) How about things to pack for after baby came? Outfits for mama? Outfits for baby? Grooming and hygiene products for mom (brush, toothbrush, shampoo, face wash, etc)? Did you bring a full suite of Sephora products and an extensive wardrobe or did you chill in hospital gowns the whole time? Slippers or shoes? Any particular post-partum care item (sneak peek for next week) like pads or nipple cream or did you rely on what the hospital provided? Did you pack anything to help kickstart nursing, like your nursing pillow or personal pump? 

3) Are you an absolute saint who also packed along things for people other than you and baby? Items for partner/dad? Items for older kids? Cookies or gifts for nurses? 

Please share!

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Re: Product Spotlight: Hospital Bag Essentials

  • So first off I don’t think there is anyone one thing that is truly ‘essential’. The hospital will have what you truly need there so if you forget something there is no reason to stress.

    that being said, there are definitely some nice to have items at the hospital with you. Remember basically anything you take with the intention of using it during labor may not come back looking as it did going in so don’t take anything you can’t replace or are truly in love with. 

    1. Pillow, hospital pillows aren’t the best. However, get a pillow protector and don’t take your nice and matching pillow case - throw on an old one before going. And don’t use a white case so it doesn’t get confused with a hospital pillow by the staff!
    2. Hair brush, hair ties, headband, basically anything to keep your hair up and out of your face
    3. Shower essentials (a nice travel size shampoo and conditioner, loofa and body wash, towel, and flip flops for the shower). They will get blood on them so take shoes that won’t stain.
    4. Robe, socks, slippers, and 1-2 sets of comfortable and loose clothing for post delivery. Maternity clothing is fine as your belly will probably look how it does now when the baby comes out.
    5. Breastfeeding pillow (even if you don’t plan to BF it’s still good for support in cradling the baby while feeding).
    6. Basic makeup, hairdryer, toothbrush/paste etc if you want to feel human again after your shower
    7. Music, phone, iPad, charger, etc. Basically entertainment for your couple of days there and a means to capture those easily moments.
    8. Ear plugs, this may sound weird but hospitals are not all that quiet during the night. You will hear your baby (or your partner will) if they are in the room with you but tuning out the extra hospital noise is nice
    9. Favorite snacks/drinks for post delivery
    10. Going home outfit for baby
    11. Lanolin lotion if you are going to BF (although I think most places will have this for you)
    12. Car seat (okay the one essential - you can’t take the baby home without it). 

    Things you will not need:
    1. Diapers and baby essentials - the hospital will have all of that there
    2. Pads and underwear - use the mesh panties and the glorious ice packs and baby size pads they give you. Ask for more to take home

    Helpful tips
    1. Shower before you go in! Whether you have a scheduled birth or you have contractions that aren’t quite to the ‘I need to leave for the hospital stage yet’ get a shower in! Nothing like birthing a baby to make you feel disgusting!
    2. Eat before you go, as once you are admitted there no food until after baby comes - which may be forever and possibly not until they move you to the recovery wing which can be an extra couple of hours on top of everything else. And after putting your body through the marathon of birth you need the energy
    3. Have the car seat installed and bag packed a good few weeks before your due date. Make sure your partner or someone else knows where the bag is at if it’s not in your car so they can grab it in case you don’t go to the hospital from your house.
    4. STM Have a good plan in place on what to do with your older kiddos a good month before your due date. And possibly a back up plan to that as well. 
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  • So I don't remember what I packed, but I do remember using practically none of it.
    I'm one of those weird people who was totally fine with the hospital pillows, and the gown provided. The gown is a little revealing, so I had a nursing wrap thingy for when visitors came, I can't find a link now, I'll go home and check the company, but it's basically a flowy sweater, but with extra long front panels, so that you can fit the baby inside it. I love it, used it for both my boys, and will for this baby.
    In terms of supplies, pads, soap, lanolin, etc. I used everything the hospital provided.
    Here is the one thing that I regret not packing - scissors. After DS#1 I was so out of it, I didn't care about anything. But after DS#2 I made an usually fast recovery (the nurses all commented on how they couldn't believe how active I was.) I had let myself go down there the last few weeks, because I couldn't reach. Then once DS#2 showed up, all of a sudden I felt *tmi* uncomfortably gross and overgrown, it felt like blood was collecting there, and I hated it. I kept asking my mom and DH to bring the scissors from home, and they kept forgetting. The first thing I did when I got home was groom.
    The things I really did use - a going home outfit (don't rely on the one you are coming in, my water broke all over mine), a going home outfit for baby, a car seat, a phone charger.
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  • mkrelmkrel member
    I completely over packed and didn't touch half of what I brought. 
    I did use my neck pillow that I sleep with every night.  I spent most of my time in either comfy maternity yoga pants or sleep shorts and a nursing tank with a zip up over it when visitors came.
    Contact lenses, glasses, tooth brush, facial cleanser 
    I never put makeup on
    I did bring and use my boppy 
    My husband and I both ate some of the snacks we brought
    This time I will bring my breast pump, but only because I have tiny nipples and I now know that the hospital does not have my correct flange size in the event that my daughter has trouble latching
    I did wear flip flops walking around the room.
    Going home outfit for baby and any swaddles or outfits for a photo
    Something to wear home for yourself
    Change of clothes for hubby
    Nipple cream

    I honestly can't think of anything else I'd pack this time.  

  • Zip up/button up tops. Comfy clothes. Camera and laptop, phone, charger for all to send updates to family (we are overseas so it was important to us).

    Snacks. Toiletry bag....1st PP shower was magnificent and it felt nice to get back to "normal"

    I was fine with hospital bedding and pillows.  I liked having my own lounge clothes after though. 

    **slippers** or flip flops or something easy and quick to put on your feet. 

    TTGP history (*TW*):

    Started TTC Oct 2015
    BFP #1 June 2016: EDD 16 March 2017, MC July 2016
    Re-started TTC Aug 2016
    Started IF testing Nov 2016
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    BFP #3 November 2018: Baby #2 expected August 2019

  • Here is what I know I used:
    -Shower supplies
    -Light make up (helped me feel more human)
    -Chapstick!!!! Hospital air is so dry and I used this a ton during labor and recovery both times
    -Hair brush, hair ties, toothbrush and paste
    -Large bath sheet from home (total unpopular opinion but I despise hospital towels and having a huge towel to wrap up in felt amazing after showering)
    -Clothes that are comfortable and nursing friendly, I changed as soon as I was able to after delivery
    -Phone charger
    -Snacks. DD was born at 1:41 a.m. and acess to food was minimal at that point so it was nice to have some items on hand.
    -Going home outfit for baby
    -Car seat

    I definitely did not need:
    -Baby supplies like diapers and wipes. We used what they had.
    -Pads, underwear, etc... The hospital provided everything I needed to help with recovery
    -Boppy pillow. While I love this at home I was easily able to surround myself with pillows for comfortable nursing
    -Breast pump/breastfeeding supplies. The hospital provided them when necessary with DD. Did not need them at all with DS. 

    11/2010 Diagnosed with PCOS 
    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
    1/12/13 DD was born
    4/9/16 DS was born 
    9/17 CP 
    6/23/18 BFP EDD 3/4/19 

  • mia8263mia8263 member
    This will be my 3rd and last baby.

     I saw they have cute labor and delivery gowns so I might get myself that as a push present.

    And I’ll have a few options for baby going home on it since DS2 barely fit into his lol 

    Ill bring my pillow and snacks. 
  • Love all the packing ideas!  We will be only 10 minutes from home but I definitely will prefer for DH to be at the hospital with me. 

     Another thing to prep for in addition to child care is animal care.  In our case we have horses, mules, dogs, cat and chickens that will need caring for while we are at the hospital. My parents live on our property so they will be caring for them during our time away from home. 
  • Previous 2 kids I delivered at the local hospital so I wasnt too concerned about what was packed. DH went home daily for a shower and fresh clothes and could pick stuff up as I needed it. I spent about 48-56 hours after each C section in the hospital. Even with that, I packed:

    -2 nursing tanks
    -3 pairs of bottoms (a casual maternity skirt for the first day -- lots of checks happening and scrubs or pj pants for the other days)
    -2 baggy shirts (to throw on over the nursing tanks when male visitors visited, one is what I wore going home)
    -slippers (even with the fuzzy non-slip socks, my feet froze. these were also my going home shoes because nothing else fit...I had to get DH to run out to walmart after the first kid and get me the largest mens slipper he could find because I was that swollen still)
    -hair brush and pony ties
    -tooth stuff
    -kindle, phone, charger
    -pregnancy pillow and boppy
    -6 baby outfits (which is crazy but it was 2 NB outfits, 2 3Mo outfits, 2 swaddle sacks)
    -baby blanket
    -car seat
    -food and drinks

    This time we will be 90 minutes from home so ill have that stuff plus a few backups and supplies for the road home. And DH will have to have his stuff packed ahead of time.
    I didnt shower either time until getting home, even with 42 hours of labor then a c section and a planned c section. Partly because I didnt feel like fussing with the IV, partly due to pain from the c sections, and partly due to laziness (I have long hair and it takes forever to dry). I dont plan to shower this time either until I go home, but will pack a small shower supply bag just in case I change my mind or we get stuck there longer than 2 days.

    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • aecmaecm member
    Confession 1: DD arrived a day before her due date...and I still didn’t have a hospital bag packed. I survived. (We only live 10min from the hospital so having DH or other family bring me what I wanted was super easy). 
    Confession 2: I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup / grooming / etc. 

    What I used during labor and delivery:
    -A hair tie
    -My cell phone and a charging cable
    -DH used his big fancy camera for immediately-after-delivery pictures

    What I used during recovery:
    -Nursing pillow (Boppy)
    -I THINK I had a pillow from home, and I think maybe DH did too. He may also have brought a blanket from home. Hospital provided at least one sheet for him though. 
    -Basic toiletries (razor, comb, hairbrush, contacts & glasses)...can’t remember if I had my own hair dryer but I don’t think so...I vaguely remember being bummed the hospital only had combo shampoo/conditioner so I’ll probably bring my own this time. 
    -Going home outfit for me (nursing sports bra, nursing top, maternity yoga pants) and a going home outfit for the kid
    -Car seat 

    *L&D used regular hospital gowns, but the recovery unit had these super soft and comfy cotton gowns that I wish I could have taken home! They also gave me the special hospital socks with the grippy things on the bottom. 

    @chillycanadian - I don’t know if you’ve heard this, but ppl at home kept telling me to bring my own toilet paper. Apparently the hospitals there only stock the rough single-ply variety and it’s not what you want to use after delivery. The fact that I had a c-section and my hospital was like delivering at a 4-star hotel made it kind of a moot point for me, but thought I would pass the local tip along. 
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  • RE: toilet paper - if you have a vaginal delivery I can’t imagine using ANY kind of toilet paper, I don’t care how soft and plush it is. Squirt bottle all the way those early days
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  • cato99cato99 member
    All of my hospital bag items have been covered already, so I'd add that if you have one or are buying a new one, try to take a phone charger with an extra long cable because you don't know where you'll wind up plugging it in and will want it to reach the bed! A portable charger is also a good idea!

    And to address labor accessories (whether at home pre-hospital or for people who can bring their own), I want to recommend the big bouncy labor ball. It was very nice for my back and belly during contractions. Also baths! I was ready to leave for the hospital when I did, but the one thing I regretted leaving behind at home was my bath! They did have a bathtub in my birthing room but I was too out of it during my long weird labor to use it. 

    Also be sure to have a contraction-timing app beforehand! It looks like The Bump app now has a contraction timer so that may work. The one I have is very simple, it's called "Full Term."
    Me: 36, DH 38
    MFI: somewhat short-lived sperm, otherwise unexplained
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    BFP on fresh transfer, DD born May 2017
    FET #1 planned for January 2019, but surprise BFP December 2018: EDD August 2019

  • @aecm thank you! I didn't think of that! But hospital TP definitely sucks!!!! I shall pack some of the good stuff lol 

    @olivemomma I've heard of using squirt bottles! But how do you dry after if not TP? Drip dry for an hour? (I've always wondered about that with bidets lol)
  • @chillycanadian I sort of patted myself dry very gently with tp, but honestly, you're going to be wearing a heavy duty pad, so if you're still kind of wet it doesn't matter. (Sorry, can't answer your question about bidets.)
  • @chillycanadian we have a Toto toilet (japanese).  It has a built in bidet and dryer that blows warm air.
  • @chillycanadian to be honest the mess down there is no joke the first few days, some water isn’t going to make you any more wet than all of the blood and everything else. Eventually you can start to lightly pat dry but I never attempted that for at least a few days 
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  • Thanks ladies for all of the time and thought you’ve put into this to help out us FTMs. 
    People think we become mothers when we give birth but the truth is we become mothers the moment we start calling our babies to us in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. Some paths are short and some are so long that you can easily forget where you were headed.

    How I feel all of the time.
    My 7 Year Journey ***Tw in spoiler***
    IVF #1 - September 2018; Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide & Lupron/HCG combo trigger; PGS; ICSI
    Back on Levothyroxine
    FET #1 - October 2018; cancelled, all PGS aneuploid
    FET #1 - November 30th, transferred anyway
    Wondfo BFP 5dp5dt, CB Digi 6dpt, 
    1st Beta on 7dpt 93
    2nd Beta on 10dpt 510!

    TTC #1 since 2011. Tried for 5 years before we knew there was a one year rule.
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    New RE 2018; PCOS diagnosis taken away, IF due to ovary adhesions, but prev. RE insists PCOS IF

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    IUI #3 February 2018 w/5mg Femara+trigger; low P
    BFP February; mc March; Subclinical hypothyroid started Levothyroxine 
    IUI #4 March 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Medicated cycle & TI April 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Tried several cycles on our own; all BFN
  • Thanks everyone! All these things FTM never knows to think about.... Wow!
  • I see I'm in the minority, I hate the mesh underwear. It's really great for those first several hours post delivery while you're icing yourself. But I had found that they just don't hold pads in place the way I want. So I always bring some of my own underwear. Usually ones with a wider crotch than normal. 

    When you tour your hospital, be sure to sit on the sleeping space they have for your significant other. By the third kid, DH brought a cot to sleep on. We also bring our own pillows. 

    I bring my own toiletries because I have super sensitive skin and am really sensitive to scent

    I bring clothes for post delivery as well because I just prefer to wear my.own clothes. I shower as soon as possible. Literally no shower will make you feel better than the first shower post delivery. It's like you go in as one person and you come back out a mom (or mom of two, three, etc.)

    And I bring my own towels, usually black. Hospital towels get bleached and washed and dried at such high temps that they are not soft, whatsoever. 

    I also bring clothes for baby. The only thing our hospital provides, clothes wise, for baby is a white shirt and blankets. So I always bring some onesies, a going home outfit, and clothes for the photoshoot because our hospital has optional professional photography. 

    DH always brings a hoodie and sweatpants. I like things cold. And if I just pushed out s baby you bet your sweet ass that room is gonna be in the 60's afterward. 

    If you even think you might use a pacifier I'd bring one. When my sons were born the hospital provided them. But when we had DD the hospital had become "baby friendly" and no longer provided them to babies that weren't preemie. I don't breastfeed. So over never had a reason to refuse a binkie. Luckily DS2 was 2 at the time and still used a binkie so I randomly had one in the pocket of the pants I wore to the hospital haha 
  • @Beauxbaton yesss on keeping the room cold! When I was in labor with DS DH had on 3 sweatshirts because he was so cold. 
    11/2010 Diagnosed with PCOS 
    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
    1/12/13 DD was born
    4/9/16 DS was born 
    9/17 CP 
    6/23/18 BFP EDD 3/4/19 

  • It’s so funny how different things are in the US compared to here. So much of this isn’t really applicable. And then other stuff people say isn’t needed, really are. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • @Beauxbaton Oh, trying pads beforehand is something I hadn't even considered but seems so obvious now that you've said it! Any recommendations on brands that meet the criteria you mention? I haven't used pads since the first couple years I had my period, no idea what I'm looking for.

    For all you STM+s out there, recommendations on what kind of outfit to pack for yourself for leaving the hospital? A dress so you don't have to deal with anything pressing too much on your ladybits? Leggings and a loose top? Or maybe just anything old and comfy?
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  • @lovelikestardust I packed a maternity maxi skirt, and a maternity sweater. They were August and October babies. So this time I'll stick with the maxi skirt, but probably pack a maternity t-shirt.

    As for pads the first week or so I used the ones provided by the hospital. And for DS#1 I used Depends for a little while after that, then I used Kotex, (which is what I use for my period). With DS#2 I went right to Kotex.
  • cato99cato99 member
    @lovelikestardust I brought new but cheap clothing, so I wouldn't feel totally ratty with worn stuff, but wasn't wearing like the finest silks that would get gross with new baby and hospital stuff. I felt comfortable and put together. I brought these ridiculous maternity-ish lounge pants, these nursing tanks (which in the hospital I wore without a bra underneath), this bamboo robe which I recommend to the moon and back, and then a long cardigan to swap out for the robe if I wanted to look more "dressed"/to go home. A loose nursing dress would also be a good idea and I'll probably bring one too this time (I think last time I didn't really have much nursing clothing because I was a FTM, now I have like 983745345 dresses that could work). Others have mentioned breastfeeding shawls (or just big shawls/scarves) to wrap around and over you/baby if visitors are around.  
    Me: 36, DH 38
    MFI: somewhat short-lived sperm, otherwise unexplained
    2012-2016: TTC #1
    2015-2016: 5 negative IUIs
    August 2016: IVF with ICSI: 13 day-5 blasts, non-PGS tested
    BFP on fresh transfer, DD born May 2017
    FET #1 planned for January 2019, but surprise BFP December 2018: EDD August 2019

  • @lovelikestardust, a mom on another group I’m on said always - 1 pack size 5, 1 pack infinity size 5, 1 pack size 3, and 1 pack size 1. I followed her advice and got this. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • I’ve racked my brain and don’t remember packing a hospital bag for either kid. There are pictures of me laid up after delivery with a non-hospital gown and I vaguely remember having slippers of some sort and maybe a robe? The only thing you need for baby is clothes to come home in and a car seat. 

    I’ve said this before, but if a c-section is a possibility do not plan to wear pants home. Luckily we are having summer babies, so lose dresses are a good option. 
  • @thirdtimesacharm2019 my best friend who has had 2 csections has always recommended yoga pants with the fold over top type waistband for post C-section. So that's probably a good suggestion for the non dress/skirt inclined. And she always said granny panties. Basically you wouldn't want any type.of band on your incision. 

    I always wore regular workout/lounge pants home (3 vaginal deliveries.) I have one September baby and 2 January babies. The January babies i probably wore a jacket home. And DS1 I think I wore my most comfortable broken in shirt home. 

    As far as pads go I used U by Kotex. But they recently changed them so I started using a brand called L. that I found at Target, but I don't think they would be good for post partum bleeding. 
  • mkrelmkrel member
    I wore a maxi dress home last time. As far as pads, I like the always flex foam. I did use the hospital pads for the first 5 or so days though until the bleeding was a little more manageable. 
  • I've had 2 c sections. First one I wore a maternity short home. Second one I wore scrub pants. I basically lived in scrub pants or pajama pants for the first 4 weeks.
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • aukeevaukeev member
    @mrosek91 and other mamas who have used Depends/similar products - did you find you still needed a pad with these in the first couple of days? 

    Has anyone actually made padsicles? I ran it by my mom and she thought they sounded wonderful, but I don't know anyone who has actually used them. I can't decide if they sound refreshing or kind of gross.
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    Gestational sac continued growing on track until 10 weeks.
    8/12/21 - BFP
    9/20/21 - MC discovered at 9-week US.

  • @oklahomak no, in my experience the depends are more absorbant than an overnight pad, and sufficient just on their own, that's why I used them. One point about them I should mention is that they are high waisted and elastic, so you feel something hugging your belly. I liked that it was like I had just a little support, like an extra streched out belly band. But for C-section mamams that may not be the best.
    As for padsicles, I did not make my own, but used the ones provided by the hospital while I was there, and they were great, but really only necessary (at least for me) that first day or two.
  • ElcaBElcaB member
    My packing list doesn't vary much from most others. I *will* stress that I am absolutely bringing a towel from home. I had one in my bag for delivery with Pickle but took it out at the last minute because it seemed excessive. But lemme tell ya, I wished I'd had it! When I showered all they gave me were scratchy, threadbare hand-towels.

    I'm also bringing some light makeup. I look downright scary in my recovery pics from last time! Nothing major, just powder foundation, bronzer, mascara, and a tinted chapstick.
  • Thanks for all the tips on clothes and pads! Also, I now know that pads come in sizes. :o
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  • @lovelikestardust they sure do! I generally prefer kotex, as I find the top layer of always is... Mesh-like, and feels wet. I'm FTM, but *TW with my PP hemorrhage with my last MC I was going through an overnight pad/hour. *End TW
     So I Imagine post delivery you wouldn't want anything Less than overnight. With wings. But it's different so I really can't say for sure. Though getting a pack of super absorbancy might be a good idea too, since eventually things have to get lighter. And overnight are more expensive. 

    My regular periods are heavy enough that I've always had to use tampon with a pad. (And had tried the diva cup for 6 months prior to this pregnancy. It didn't work for my heavy days, unless I was home to change it every 90  min.Even with a pad back up.
     but it was great for overnight with a pad back up. But obviously those aren't options post delivery lol.)

    I still have 2 pairs of unused mesh undies from the hospital. So I plan to use those for the first bit. And hopefully acquire some more after delivery haha

  • aecmaecm member
    Re: pads. My hospital provided pads that were large enough to cover a hippopotamus’ butt. I have no idea where you could possibly buy pads that large. But they were super absorbent (I only changed them a couple times a day) and there was no leakage. Glamorous? No. Practical? Absolutely. My nurses loaded me up when I went home, so I used them for close to a week post-partum.

    My point: take alllll the stuff they give you at the hospital. Then ask for more. This especially applies to pads and mesh panties. 
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  • Question re: taking all the stuff your hospital offers. Do they bill you/your insurance for the supplies that you take? I know hospitals generally mark up prices for insurance and then the insurance will cut the bills/apply discounts, but I still have to pay co-insurance on whatever is left over.   
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  • olivemommaolivemomma member
    edited May 2019
    @Lotus_2008 I have never been billed for the supplies separately (they are included in your room fee in a similar way toiletries are at a hotel). It’s more you get billed for your length of stay and anything extra medically they do (I.e. an epidural, circumcision, etc). So basically you’ll be billed for the supplies weather you take them home or not, may as well stock up!
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  • @olivemomma Thank you! That is good to know! 
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