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Multiple chemical pregnancies /early losses

Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this (and my sincere apologies if it's not) but I'm currently experiencing my 2nd loss in 3 months. Another chemical pregnancy/early loss according to my doctor. Got a positive pregnancy test last weekend and was so excited but when I went in for blood work, the nurse was concerned because my hcg level was so low. Tested again yesterday and it's not increasing so they told me it was likely another chemical. I've been told that chemical pregnancies are common but is there anything else I can do? Should I make my doctor run some tests or anything? I had a progesterone test done on a non pregnancy cycle and that came back normal and showed I ovulated. But should I test again when I'm pregnant?  I'm just so confused and not sure what to do anymore.  

Re: Multiple chemical pregnancies /early losses

  • @mad16 Two MC in a row with no living children is now the threshold for what is considered RPL. However, since yours were earlier CPs, your doctor's may not be urging you for testing yet. They definitely should if you were to have a 3rd loss. I've had 5 early losses myself, and unfortunately, that means that there's not usually enough tissue retained during the MC to test. I did have an RPL panel after my 3rd loss, but please bear in mind that 50-75% of RPL sufferers end up with an unexplained diagnosis.  Even through that though, I think it's around 60% of those unexplained numbers that go on to have a living child with no medical help.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of them, I've been on the shit end of all of the statistics.  I hate to say it, but at this point, I would probably try again. It seems you are able to get PG fairly easily, and with them being early losses there is a good chance that you are experiencing chromosomal issues that could be more random flukes than a serious problem.  The statistics are still pretty good with 2 early CPs that your next PG will result in a living child.  

    IF you do decide to go the testing route, specifically go to an RE!  Do NOT do the tests through your OB.  (If you run tests through your OB, and end up having a 3rd loss, you will probably be sent to an RE and they often want to run their OWN tests, even if you had the tests run already. This can get expensive.)  

    I'm sorry for your losses.  It is definitely a stressful situation to be in.
  • I am so sorry for your loss! I recently miscarried at 8 weeks (this was my second also). I have done a lot of research and came across the book It Starts With the Egg. I would suggest reading it. It gives a great deal of information about what supplements you can take for egg quality and what your doctor can tests for. I have started taking several supplements because I think my miscarriages are the result of an egg quality issue due to my ovulation. I tend to ovulate much late in my cycle. Again I am sorry you are going through this and I hope you get your rainbow soon! 
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