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Non viable potential Cornual pregnancy


I should be 7 weeks but nothing was in the sac during ultrasounds. HCG started out ok right after home test (700 then >1000) but fast forward 2 weeks later. 1st scan dr suspected cornual pregnancy which I had to Google (rare but more serious form of ectopic) and had me come in today for a second more aggressive scan. The 2nd scan and 2nd Doctor didn't think it was cornual but suspected non viable. I get to go in again next Tuesday for 3rd scan and 3rd Doctor who can schedule me Friday for a D&C. 
Here are my questions and hope people have seen this before!
1. Cramping started tonight but no bleeding yet. If non viable I was wondering if you could just miscarry normally even if it is Cornual?
2. If they were wrong and it is Cornual isn't a D&C not recommended due to perforation risks?
This is my second pregnancy and second loss. Sucks a lot. I'm 36 so I keep reading about my advanced maternal age. I am starting to hate that term! I just had a hystosonogram and endometerial biopsies so everything is anatomically normal. 
But if anyone can shed some insight on this I'd very much appreciate it!

Re: Non viable potential Cornual pregnancy

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    I’m so sorry for your loss.  I’ve had 3 losses and 3 d & cs.  In my experience, each one was very similar and I had little pain with little bleeding.  I have no experience with ectopic or cornual.  I hope it’s neither for you.  As far as AMA, I agree I hate that term but to give you a little hope.  I had my first pregnancy at 39 and ***TW-LC**** delivered my son at 40.  Again I’m sorry for your losses.   When you are ready there is a great group of ladies on the TTCAL Board
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    SO sorry about your loss.  Ectopics are sad and lonely.  I had a cornual ectopic 2 years ago. I had to get multiple shots of methotrexate because a D&C was not an option due to the dangerous location of the ectopic.  The pregnancy reabsorbed into my body but it was as brutal process because I had to go in weekly for ultrasounds to make sure because of the high risk.  If the doctors are unsure about cornual versus non viability I would get a second opinion because if they can locate the sac they should know where the pregnancy is.  So sorry for you.

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