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Annoyed by other children- 29 weeks??

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Guys I feel like I"m going crazy, well, crazier than usual anymore lol. Before I LOVED being around children, but now, even seeing pictures of children annoys me. Being around them in the grocery store, seeing them walking home from school, hearing their shrieks while they play outside...we had our friends 15 month old over this past weekend and I was so annoyed by everything he did. What the heck! I think it's the fact that I'm low-key feeling overwhelmed about becoming a FTM and realizing that my new life is going to include handling a little one soon. It's almost like seeing children reminds me that my freedom and life is changing here soon, and it annoys me, I haven't accepted it yet....can any one else relate??

Re: Annoyed by other children- 29 weeks??

  • I didn't really like any kids until I had my own *shrug*. Now I think my kid is the best thing in the world, and have an easier time with other peoples' kids. 

    Pregnancy hormones are nutso, and so are post partum hormones. Being annoyed with just about anything is normal, but I promise you will adore your baby. The first few months with a new baby are HARD, but it absolutely gets better.

    It might not be "love at first sight" like everyone talks about (wasn't for me) and that's ok, but I promise you will find your groove and eventually fall head over heels in love with your kiddo.

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  • ^^wss^^
    I actually still get annoyed with other people's kids sometimes and this will be my third lol! I've also always loved kids. It's just different with your own! And I agree, even though I've loved my babies before they're born, I felt like the actual bonding didn't happen immediately.  Hormones are crazy, you're tired, sore, etc. Sometimes at first you wonder how in the world you're going to make it. But it does get better and you do bond and fall in love with your baby❤
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