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i really have no words...

been doing IVF since October. Husband has 0% morphology. He has a 6yo daughter from previous marriage.

i had a miscarriage last cycle and this cycle got pregnant again but the two doctors confirmed ectopic on Sat (now they are saying it wasn’t - found an embryo in the uterus in Tuesday) made us get the methotrexate shots Sunday morning because it was ectopic. Pain in my stomach and in ER almost everyday since Saturday. D&C yesterday as betas continue to rise - possible heterotopic pregnancy but may not of been ectopic only a cyst from stimming before transfer. Confirmed sac and yolk sac Tuesday morning in uterus. Had to do d&c due to methotrexate shots baby in uterus won’t survive. Obviously switching fertility clinics after this big mistake. Nurses making fun of me and hazing me while waking up in recovery yesterday afternoon. Husband thought it was more important to tell me to tell them I feel better because we have to pick up his daughter. I told him last night that I wasn’t his priority and I cant have another baby with him again if I’m not going to be the first priority in an emergency. He said if we aren’t going to have a baby let’s end things. I went back to ER and of course woke up this morning my husband went to work and took my pain medication prescription with him. I guess it was too much for him to fill it before work. How am I going to get through this? 

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    italianmommy8  I'm sorry that you're going through this, and I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds very stressful at a time when you're trying to mourn and figure things out.  Remember that your hormones are still elevated from the pregnancy and that can make everything feel even worse.  Having back-to-back MCs can be extremely stressful, as each successive MC feels worse and worse.  Just try to take one day at a time. One hour at a time.  I'd also suggest making no major life decisions right now (no decisions whether or not to try again. no decisions on your marriage. etc).  Just 'survive' moment by moment.  Also, I'd suggest taking at least the next 3 cycles off. Let your body recover physically, and allow yourself time to recover mentally and emotionally.  THEN decide what to do AFTER those few cycles are past.  There is not rush/race for a healthy PG and it sounds like you need to figure out where you are and what you want in your marriage before you TTC again.
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