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Postpartum Depression

Weird anger at pregnant women

I'm sure something like this has been posted before...I feel like I have been going crazy for my entire maternity leave.  I am supposed to go back to work next week and I really thought that this feeling would go away.  I am so depressed about not being pregnant anymore.  My baby is perfectly healthy now but we did have a scare at the end of my pregnancy with IUGR and I ended up being induced 3 weeks early.  I've mourned my "perfect" birthing plan.  None of that went as planned but shes here and shes heathy ♡  Since the 3rd day home I have these weird moments where I am angry and sad about not being pregnant.  If I see a post on social media it makes me so angry...I don't understand this problem and I really feel like its taking over lately...its just so frustrating.  I just want to enjoy my daughter!  Any other mamas out there struggling?  Or have gone thru it before?   
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