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  • Speaking of desserts we don't likethat everyone seems to love: I don't like caramel anything. It's too sweet and burns the back of my throat. But, give me all the chocolate chip mint ice cream! 😋
  • @peppyj9 Whaaaaaat! But but but caramel is the best lol
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  • @brookert615 so everyone likes to tell me lol. But ya know, more for everyone else 😉
  • @peppyj9 I could just eat a bowl of caramel.  Especially salted caramel, Mmmmmmm!
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  • @flowntheloop yes! I’m super sensitive to fragrances as well. Some instantly give me a headache and I’ve had asthmatic reactions as well. I try to just stay away all together or get more natural ones. 
  • @shamrocandroll um, clearly, I'm still trying to figure out the gif thing... but, in short, 🤢
  • @kbrown2385 Don't get me started on candle stores and Bath & Body works! Or the laundry aisle at the grocery store! I can't even walk by without a reaction! Makes me want to barf and hack up a lung at the same time! I feel like I'm coated in ickiness!

    I also use natural fragrances (some essential oils)!
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  • I guess my UO is I LOVE all things fake scented (not for the insane health issues though. I had no clue). 

    Long story short but I was super anemic to the point I developed PICA and I almost drank bleach because I was so obesessed with the smell of that and tide w/bleach. It was bad. That was when my dr finally took me seriously that I needed surgery because I couldn’t stop bleeding (19 months of period bleeding every single day. Enough to soar an ultra tampon and pad within 40 minutes if I was standing) 
  • @kels0091 WTH?!?! How did you survive all that time? Like seriously, how did you not bleed out & die? How did your doctor take so long to help? And what kind of surgery do you have to stop that? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just shocked by your post! 
  • MJDsquaredMJDsquared member
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    @kels0091 My love-tit is for loving scented things.

    Within reason. There are plenty of people who go waaay overboard with their perfume/cologne. Also I shopped at Hollister (and went into A&F occasionally but wow $$$) when I was a teenager and loved the smell. I went into A&F last year because my SILs wanted to and almost puked. So strong.
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  • @keikilove I was in the hospital a lot and as eventually put on bed rest because I didn’t know how to advocate for myself. The dr had no idea how bad it actually was. I’d get up to have a shower and make toast, so like less then an hour or so and would have bled thru everything and had blood running down my legs onto the ground. 
    I had a few blood transfusions because my levels were so low. Also developed a heart condition that had to be constantly monitored. 
    Finally I went to my 4th dr and said if something doesn’t get done soon I’ll take matters into my own hands... 
    i had a dermoid cyst the size of a golfball on my left over for as long as I can remember. It was causing the hormones to be out of whack so after I did my own research I realiZed just how much it was affecting my life. 
    They did surgery and 4 days after no blood! And now I get a semi regular period each month but generally have to take provera. 

    And thats the short version hahaha. 
  • @kels0091 Holy s***!!! That is an ordeal you have been through...what a journey! Way to go with learning to advocate for what you need. No wonder you now have the guts to stand up to the racist behind you in line! 😁 Thanks for sharing such a personal struggle, I had no idea that could even happen to a person. 
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