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MMC and D&C, help!

I am so sorry that we all have a reason to seek out this thread. At what should have been 9 weeks for me, I discovered that my baby had no heartbeat and seemed to stop growing around 7.5 weeks. 3.5 weeks later, when I should have been 11w6d I went in for a D&C because my body was not allowing the MC to happen. That was last week. I bled for two days after the procedure and nothing else until today. Why has the bleeding started back after 6 days? I haven't has sex or anything like that. Should I be worried? I am also having slight cramps at the bottom left part of my tummy. My f/u is not until next week. 

Re: MMC and D&C, help!

  • The only normal after miscarriage is that there is no normal.  You may bleed off and on for weeks following a MC and/or D&C.  The cramps are probably from the MC and D&C since you are still so close to it. I did get O cramps for the first time ever after my first MC, which was a D&C.  

    So at this point, I definitely would not be worried, unless you start excessively bleeding.  
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