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Due date possibility question

My last lmp was 2-14-19 I can be anywhere between 28 to 36 days. Last two cycles closer to the 28 -30 range .I had two days of dark positive ovulations on Feb 27th and 28th. And first very light positive pregnancy test on 3-10. So according to lmp I should be like 8 weeks. Had an ultrasound saw a sac n it measured a week behind a week and 4 days ago. Had ultra sound the other day on one of the crappier machines n she said she did see what she wanted and I'll miscarry. She was a diff doc then the last week one. I guess my question is. Can I go based off a positive test since I tested daily since ovulation and be around 5 weeks. Or by ovulation and only be 7 weeks. Or would I have to go by lmp n be 8 weeks n sum days.maybe a glimpse of hope.i have a tilted uterus as well

Re: Due date possibility question

  • Doctors go by your last period to figure an estimated due date. They then make adjustments based on what they see in an ultrasound. Your last period tells them about how far along you should be, about how big baby should be.  If you question the results of the ultrasound, maybe you should get a second opinion. I'm sorry you're in limbo with it all.
  • @unsure35 This is a great question for the questions thread; I actually asked something like it as well! Measurements this early can definitely be off, and LMP dates can be up to 2 weeks off and your date of ovulation is more accurate (if you know it). It sounds like the last doctor was not very helpful. I would suggest calling and asking if you could come in again. Hope you get answers. The waiting is excruciating. 
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