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Meal Plan Monday 4.15

Re: Meal Plan Monday 4.15

  • So far my plan is as follows:
    Mon- Skinnytaste ground chicken over salad (its an Asian-inspired salad and the chicken is cooked with hoisin and soy sauce, I love this so much)
    Tues- Grilled chicken over salad
    Wed- leftovers
    Thurs- breakfast for dinner
    Fri- grilled cheese
    Sat- mini pizzas, always fun to make with my son
    Sun- easter dinner
  • Mon- Spaghetti 
    Tues- Breakfast for dinner
    Wed- Pizza as DH is doing the Tennebrae service 
    Thurs- Meal with Seminary folx
    Fri- Grilled Cheese
    Sat- Chicken with pasta and alfredo
    Sun- Crawfish Boil at the Seminary



  • @mavgirl_73 what seminary? My husband went to SEBTS in NC!
  • @Rawa1416 Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, TX. 



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