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Sibling for Lila and Ezra

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We definitely have a pattern started of 2 syllable names ending in 'a' with a one syllable middle name. So far our favorite names are Phoebe for a girl and Asher for a boy but neither of those fit our pattern. Should we stick with the pattern or no? I'm worried baby3 will feel left out... Open to suggestions. TIA

EDIT TO ADD: Last name is 2 syllables and starts with 'w'.

Re: Sibling for Lila and Ezra

  • I would not stick the the pattern just to stick to it.  Phoebe and Asher are both great names and fit will with your other names.  
  • Definitely wouldn't stick to the pattern. I doubt the kid would notice (and if/when they did I think they'd be older and not care) and I love Phoebe and Asher!
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  • Your kid won't feel left out.  Your choices are alright and I'd go for it. 
  • I’d avoid the pattern honestly. It makes calling for your kids less of a tongue twister.
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  • It’s not so obvious of a pattern that the third kid would feel left out. Phoebe goes great!!
  • Love your name choices!!
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