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April Gestational Diabetes Checkin

@hellmanpartyof5 started this checkin a few weeks ago, I'd like to try to jumpstart it again as at least monthly, if not weekly, since there may be more of us after the coming weeks. 

When did you get your diagnosis?

How are you feeling about things?

Any referrals, appointments, ultrasounds or updates?

What is (or is not) working for you (diet, exercise, medication, etc)?


Re: April Gestational Diabetes Checkin

  • When did you get your diagnosis? Officially, this past Monday 4/8, but I've known since the week prior because of glucose monitoring. 

    How are you feeling about things? I'm still reeling from it, mostly because it may affect my overall care. I currently see a midwifery group with a birthing center, and if you cannot manage your GD with diet and exercise you are dismissed from care. Unfortunately, they are not being helpful at all, so I may not stay with them regardless. I just do not want this to lead to another cesarean. 

    Any referrals, appointments, ultrasounds or updates? My midwives have completely dropped the ball in helping me, despite promising referrals. So, instead I went to see my fertility naturopath from TTC  this week and she is helping me work on a diet plan. I also have an appointment with an acupuncturist and doctor of chinese medicine today to see about reinforcing my efforts. On Monday I'm going to meet with a new midwifery group who may be more supportive in this process.  

    What is (or is not) working for you (diet, exercise, medication, etc)? I cannot do any carbs/starches/fruits/sugars at all, not even a tiny bit. So, what is working for me for meals is pretty limiting, high in protein, dark leafy greens, small meals, a snack of nuts, cheese or yogurt between meals. I am supposed to pick up some eggs as well and start doing three egg yolks per day for the choline. And I'm doing NAC 500mg 2x daily. I've been trying to get in some brisk walks after meals as well, but my NP recommends doing a short workout every day if I can. 

    Questions? Has anyone been successful in brining down their fasting numbers? I am really struggling here. My readings are usually hovering around 95, but have been higher. I really want to see them go down to safer number though.
  • When did you get your diagnosis? January (tested early because GD last pregnancy)

    How are you feeling about things? Content

    Any referrals, appointments, ultrasounds or updates? Ultrasound and OB on Friday. Endocrinologist on the 23rd.

    What is (or is not) working for you (diet, exercise, medication, etc)? I take insulin daily. Likely to increase the amount or frequency as my levels are still high

    Questions? None 
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  • @mamanbebe to keep my fasting levels below 90 I have been eating dinner around 6ish. If I'm hungry for a snack later I stick to 15 or less carbs and try not to eat past 9 pm. If I'm starving I will eat a piece of string cheese or something of that nature. 
  • @cb123391 I wonder if it is my snack choice. I was told to do nuts, and have been eating a few almonds and a piece of cheese at around 730. I'll experiment with no nuts tonight and see how that goes. Thank you for sharing :) 
  • When did you get your diagnosis? I was 26 weeks along, this is my third time with this. 

    How are you feeling about things? I thought I was doing good and staying in control of it but I’ve started to have an allergic reaction to my novolog insulin and had to stop taking it until my next appointment Wednesday. Other than that I’m just being super cautious with my carb intake and trying to add an additional yoga session to my daily routine when I can.

    Any referrals, appointments, ultrasounds or updates? Wednesday

    What is (or is not) working for you (diet, exercise, medication, etc)? I was put on a couple different insulin’s to help manage my levels but I’ve started to have an allergic reaction and will find out Wednesday what the next step is.

    Questions? Do you have a guilty pleasure that you just can’t cut from your diet? All I crave is gummy bears and I’ve been doing good staying away and the other day in the checkout line at the grocery store I would’ve knocked someone out for some 😂
  • @mamanbebe I was put on insulin due to my fasting being so high >135. I work third shift so my numbers have been all over the place. It’s hard to manage at times but I’ve gotten better at it. I’ve found smaller meals have helped keep my numbers down as well as ending my day high in proteins. But I also struggle with my first meal of the day and my levels still being ridiculously high. 
  • @hellmanpartyof5 Thank you, I'm working on all those areas now and am finding them really helpful. 

    I decided to do an experiment on Saturday morning. I had crazy heartburn and could not fathom trying to do a protein breakfast, so I decided to see what an indulgence would look like with my glucose reading. I walked to a coffee shop, got an 8oz decaf almond milk cappuccino and a blueberry bran muffin. It was the worst number I have seen.. at 2hr postprandial I was at 255! The rest of the day was followed by a glucose crash and then it evened out. I'm glad I did it so that I know what happens but holymoly.. I'm definitely sticking to the diet for the remainder of my pregnancy. 
  • I really miss pasta and potatoes and pastries.. and all normal food, and even gluten free food. This is going to be a long 3 months. 
  • @mamanbebe I feel ya. They inxreainc my insulin for the second time this week alone.
  • @cb123391I'm sorry :( Have you had ultrasounds yet to monitor your babies' growth progress w/ GD?
  • @mamanbebe yes! Since I'm having twins I go for minthlm growth ultrasounds so they have a watch on everything 
  • @mamanbebe Have you tried Banza or other bean pastas? They make my sugar go up a little, but not enough to really matter.  If I add extra protein it tends to keep me pretty stable.  I made a lasagna with a lentil past a the other night.  DD ate a ton of it.

  • @ketomommy I can’t do beans or legumes at all. I had a lentil pasta early on in monitoring and it was problematic, often there is a blend of gluten free starches in the flour too. I’m completely off starches (including starchy vegetables), grains (corn and quinoa are out), fruits and no added sugar over 5g. 
  • @mamanbebe my husband is on a "lazy keto" diet.  For dinner tonight I am making a noodle-less lasagna.  Maybe this will help?

    1lb ground turkey
    16 oz riccotta
    9 oz mozzarella cheese
    24 oz of Simply Ragu
    3 leeks
    1 onion
    1 tbsp oil
    2 cup spinach 
    1 tbsp italian seasoning.

    Preheat oven to 375

    Saute onion and leeks in oil for five minutes.  Add the turkey and brown until completely browned.  Add the sauce and bring to simmer.  Add the spinach.  Simmer for five minutes.  Add the Italian seasoning.

    Make 3 layers of sauce, then ricotta then mozzarella.  Cover with aluminum foil.  Bake for 45 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for another 8 until the cheese starts to brown.

    It's not quite a lasagna but it works for him.

  • @ketomommy  I truly appreciate the suggestions but I'm mostly just venting because my situation is so ridiculously controlled. I was already working on an alkaline diet (which unfortunately eliminates things like tomatoes, spinach and a laundry list of others) for MTHFR/leaky gut and the GD has just thrown it all into overdrive. I am a healthy eater with a creative mind for meals but I just miss being able to indulge without fear of the repercussions to my health, my baby's health and my baby's birth.
  • When did you get your diagnosis?
    I just got diagnosed on Friday. This actually my first time posting with this pregnancy, but after I got the news I decided to turn here for support!

    How are you feeling about things? Honestly I feel pretty down. I didn't have it with my first and I passed the early screen during this pregnancy. Just not looking forward to the diet and finger pricks.

    Any referrals, appointments, ultrasounds or updates? I'm  supposed to have an appointment with a dietitian  this week.

    What is (or is not) working for you (diet, exercise, medication, etc)?
    Not sure yet as I haven't started testing numbers.

    Questions? All of them xD hopefully most will be answered once I start. Is it okay to slip up for a meal or is that really detrimental?
  • @BeatboxBaby Welcome :) I'm sorry for your diagnosis but I hope you are able to find a diet and routine soon that eases some of your stresses. 

    On splurge meals, it's expected that you will indulge occasionally. Everyone has so far told me that the greater majority of your meals will need to be in good glucose readings but that treats are allowed. I think it was something of 80% good / 20% elevated is acceptable, but it is possible that you will be able to find treats that work within your numbers too. I can occasionally do a Yasso frozen greek yogurt bar before bed, some women are able to eat actual ice cream at night and have good fasting numbers in the mornings. And depending on your carb sensitivities, you may be able to incorporate small amounts of whole grains or starches throughout the day, balanced with protein and vegetables.

    I highly recommend this book though, it's an easy read and has been a huge help to relieving fear and giving me confidence: https://www.amazon.com/Real-Food-Gestational-Diabetes-Conventional/dp/0986295000/
  • @mamanbebe thank you so much! I'll  def have to check that book out :). I just got my appointment made for Wednesday so I guess I will start seeing soon how everything will play out!
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