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Help please! Bleeding at 10 weeks

Hi ladies, I really need to reach out!

I'm at 10 weeks and have had no blood/spotting at all when all of a sudden I bled a lot. I freaked and rushed to doctor and she said cervix was closed (good!) and uterus low. She also said this could have happened because of things moving around. Then, we checked and I heard the heartbeat!!! This was only a few days ago and since then I bled a teeny tiny bit more but minorly. (she also said this could happen) I'm panicking and waiting to see what the bleeding could be from. I had very minor cramps but maybe thatbwas  even just stretching I felt. Anyone... thoughts!!!? I have an ultrasound in 6 days and a physical in 4. Doc said bleeding could be good or bad but I'm 25% chance of miscarrying. I'm passing each moment worrying!!!
Thank you so, so much.

Re: Help please! Bleeding at 10 weeks

  • Any chance you had a subchorionic hematoma? That made me bleed with my first and scared the heck out of me. Turned out fine 
  • I don't know! Would I find out at an ultrasound or physical!? Thank you for replying!!!
  • You would find out about a SCH at an US. Bleeding isn't typically normal in pregnancy. Anytime there is bleeding there is a chance of MC. I had a large SCH during my last pregnancy and bled a lot. TW* that pregnancy ended at 15 weeks. *end TW. I have another SCH this pregnancy but its much smaller and I haven't had any bleeding. Call you dr and ask if they saw a SCH on your scan. 

    Hopefully the bleeding will stop and everything will be fine. Hugs! 
  • There are factors that make bleeding turn out to be nothing scary in a pregnancy. Of course everyone knows that MC is a risk, but I wouldn’t freak out until you know for sure. I also had a large SCH but my pregnancy turned out just fine. You can also have bleeding from cervical irritation (sex?). I’m hoping yours resolves and turns out to be nothing!
  • I spotted around 7 weeks for 3 days, first bright red then it got lighter and went brown. Haven't had any spotting since and now I'm 9 weeks no issues! Hopefully it stops, just lie down and rest!
  • Thank you all so much. An update is I only bled that one time and haven't since which has been 2 days now. I'm so relieved. Think this is a good sign?
  • @soveryexcited yes, no spotting is always good. 
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