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Final 3

We're getting close to the end, so we'd love some help narrowing down.

Final 3 50 votes

36% 18 votes
36% 18 votes
28% 14 votes

Re: Final 3

  • You really can’t go wrong!

  • Take all 3 and name him after you meet him.  Honestly, when we brought our top names to the hospital, our number 1 name got tossed for girls (team green) as there was no way that name fit her after we met. 
    I know a few people who were calling baby a particular name (one put it in the baby shower invite) after baby was. Born they named the kiddo something completely different after meeting the kiddo.
    Nothing wrong with waiting.  I really dont like how our society has turned into a "now. Now, now" world.  
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  • We're actually planning to take all three in, but it's always helpful to have an extra data point!
  • They're all great, but I voted Walter cause it was on our shortlist.
  • Walter is nice because it is underused 
  • I think I love Graham and Spencer equally. Not a fan of Walter. I voted Graham.
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