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Freaked out 33 week ultrasound

Hi all--- I haven't been on these boards in years--but everyone here was always so helpful when we were expecting our first, I thought I'd try again.
So- short story: Our son is adopted. His mom is intentionally pregnant with a second child she is intending to place with us. Everything was swimmingly amazing. 33 week ultrasound and the sonographer saw "Dueodenal Artresia" (Carries an increased risk of chromsomal abnormalities)- 48 hours later we're in the maternal fetal medicine dr. office- he doesn't see this, but does see an enlarged stomach and possible obstruction. Our son's birth parent decides to have an amniocentisis (the dr. started out the appointment suggesting this before seeing any ultrasound/reports- then seemed (or maybe we hope he seeemed) to back off after he did the ultrasound. All her genetic screens and second semester screens, and anatomy scan came back normal. At this ultrasound the specialist says he didn't see anything atypical on the ultrasound (ie. no soft markers). So, now we're waiting for the amnio results and summarily freaking out. I'm catastrophizing because it's what I do. So---- stories of healthy outcomes please?
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