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Similac Total comfort gas pains....😩

My preemie baby boy is 3m actual and almost 8w actual. He was on Similc neosure formula and switched at 10w to Similac Sensitive. He would scream and kick and hit while/after eating and after eating he would sleep or cry the entire time. We switched to Similac Total Comfort which his mood is better, BMs are more on a schedule now, but he wakes up from naps and in the middle of the night with gas pains. I’ve tried different bottles, different nipples, burping him every ounce, gripe water, gas drops, we use a pitcher for his formula. But every day around 5pm he starts the gassy pain screams and only wants to be held upright on my shoulder. Warm baths help and he is able to goto bed fine with calming gripe water in his bottle but he will wake up on and off with pains. When I try the gas drops and gripe water at night they don’t help. Giving him a bottle doesn’t work. He gets 5drops of Gerber Soothe probiotic in the morning. I feel like I’ve tried everything on google. Should I switch formulas?
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