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Brother for Eli

Our bubba goes by Eli (Elijah) and has his dad’s middle name. We both like Delaney for a girl, but I’m having trouble coming up with boy names we both like. I like Iver, Garrett, and James but can’t use any of them. I’m considering Lee. He likes Alexander but I’m just not on board with it. Middle name will be Edison (family name) and last name sounds like always. Open to new ideas and thought on the ones listed. Thanks ladies!

Re: Brother for Eli

  • Jack Edison
    Bennett Edison
    Matthew Edison
    Nolan Edison
    Ryan Edison
    Tanner Edison
    William Edison
  • Edison takes out a BUNCH of -an, -en, -on first names! That should work in your favor in terms of avoiding some 'top 10' style choices. :) 

    Isaac Edison
    Caleb Edison
    Trevor Edison
    Charles Edison
    Kenneth Edison

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  • Michael Edison
    Pierce Edison
    Dean Edison
    Henry Edison
    Samuel Edison
    Keith Edison
    Wesley Edison 
  • Isaac, Caleb, and Trevor are all names I like but didn’t make the cut. Kenneth, Henry, Samuel and Pierce are all on the right track! Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Silas Edison is the favorite one I thought of. Silas and Eli/jah sound really cool together and are both strong Biblical names and I believe Silas Edison sounds really cool together.

    Oliver Edison

    Gabriel Edison

    Isaiah Edison

    Abram Edison

    Israel Edison

    Azrael Edison

    David Edison

    Jasper Edison

    Levi Edison

    Asher Edison 

  • Out of another post I saw Evander and Leland. I like both, but wouldn’t use Evander because it reminds of the name Evan too much, which is a no. Leland could open up the possibility for a different middle name. I initially wanted to tie this name to my grandpa somehow, Edison Lee. 
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