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Slower Embryo Growth Question

Hoping this is the right discussion board for this question... I'm new to this! 

Had my FET on 2/28. Had first u/s on 3/24, when dr said embryo should be 6.2 weeks, but measured at 5.6 weeks. 1 week later, 4/1, embryo measured at 6.4 weeks, but we saw the heartbeat at 120 bmp. Dr wants to see more growth and hear the heartbeat in 1 week from now. Any similar experiences??? This stuff is crazy-making, I tell ya!!! 

Re: Slower Embryo Growth Question

  • I don't have any experience but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you're in limbo. That is never a good place to be. Hopefully everything is fine and baby is just taking its time. It's good you saw a HB. 
  • No experience but hopefully everything is fine and baby will catch up. 
  • I’m also measuring smaller than I “should be.” Keep in mind that even though you may know when you ovulated, conception could take a couple days. Also all ultrasounds are off on measurement, the early ones are usually better predictors but I still wouldn’t worry about a few days 
  • my first 2 appt (within 2 weeks) I was a week behind where the doctors thought I should be, but week 9/10 baby had caught up and I was measuring according to my O date. good luck!
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