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Product Spotlight: maternity wear

I  figured we could use a thread where we can discuss brands and styles. Also, if you see any good deals, post below so we can all get in on it. 

Re: Product Spotlight: maternity wear

  • lea-v3lea-v3 member
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    I think this is along the lines of maternity wear - belly support bands? Does any one have one they liked? I have diastasis recti from my previous pregnancies and was actually thinking of having corrective surgery before we found out #3 was on board. I already have periods of back pain and would like to get a jump on it.
  • @emeraldcity1214 along the lines of your jeans comment in the other thread, I ordered a pair of maternity jeans with the soft half panel in the front from kohl’s. I’m not too sure how they’re going to fit but I can’t wear my regular jeans anymore and I can only take my belly band so much. If they’re awesome I’ll update when they arrive. 

    Im so uncomfortable in shorts to begin with but I’ll probably try to get a pair since we’re going to the beach for a week in August and I’ll be around 30 weeks then. I’ll check out target @lea-v3. I’m also interested in the belly support band if people have suggestions. I want to keep jogging and I know I’ll need it. 

    I like my full panel leggings from Motherhood Maternity.. I’ve already been wearing them around the house. 
  • mhavel1mhavel1 member
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    I love my full panel leggings from MM as well! I also have a pair of jeans from there that fit really nicely. I know they don't have much in terms of sizing for jeans though (at least not in store). I bought both side panel jeans and shorts from Target last week. The jeans have quite a bit to be desired in terms of fit but the shorts are AWESOME! They also have some cute dresses out in store at Target if that's a little more anyone's speed! I'm planning ahead for TX summers already 😂
  • I've been eyeing dresses at Asos! Really cute stuff and some good prices!
  • I splurged on some jeans last pregnancy that were Jessica Simpson. They look and feel amazing. Well worth the price that I paid. I got then from MM. 

    I hate wearing shorts when I'm not pregnant so I will likely stick to my Azure LLR skirts on hot days. 

    @creamcheeseplease I am definitely going to check out Khols thanks! 
  • I've bought some cute maternity stuff from Zulily. The quality can vary a lot, so I recommend being careful what brands you buy. I've found the prices to be pretty reasonable, especially when I wanted something a little dressier than my normal Target or Old Navy maternity t-shirts!
  • @mhavel1 do you remember what style of leggings you bought?  I was looking online and they had a couple of different ones.  Wasn't sure which to get.  Thanks!
  • mhavel1mhavel1 member
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    @gapmom2019 they're the fleece over the belly leggings! I was initially worried they'd be too warm but they're a perfect medium weight in my opinion!
  • gapmom2019gapmom2019 member
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    I've bought a couple of cute jumpsuits from Target that are really comfy and perfect for the first trimester--I even think there will be enough room to get through the 2nd trimester maybe.  Here's one I bought, it feels like pjs and is super cute on.  
  • I'm currently on the lookout for some decently priced faux leather maternity leggings. Is that crazy? I just want some clothes where I still feel like myself in them and faux leather leggings are a staple for me during fall/winter/spring under non-preggo circumstances. 
  • Maxi skirts are still in style, right? I lived in those last pregnancy and fully intend to do that again this time! So flowy and help keep me cool but covered in the summer! Plus the stretchy waist band is great.
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  • I’ve been getting a lot of maternity clothes off of Mercari! I’ve snagged some great deals. 
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  • cl4157cl4157 member
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    @macabremom spanx actually makes ones that are killer. One in a moto style and one in plain faux leather. They are phenomenal and a good material that lasts. 
  • @macabremom and @cl4157 yeah I've heard good things about the spanx momma ones. They're kinda pricey though I think. I have their regular faux leather leggings and they are awesome.

    I'm so disappointed, I got my jeans that I ordered from Kohls and the picture had a soft band around the top (not full panel) and when they came they were just regular side panel, which I didn't want. 
  • rae605rae605 member
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    I have been looking online at lots of stuff but my dilemma is I can't find my box of mat clothes from my 1st pregnancy. I had lent it to my sister but thought I got it back. I've searched everywhere, and can't find it!! I can't ask her about it yet, because we haven't announced to anyone. I'm excited to look and see what I already have...I hardly remember! I am looking forward to getting a few new things too:)
  • Ok ladies.. I'm not a Lululemon kind of girl other than working out but I just tried on the "Align" pants and holy **** SO COMFORTABLE. They have a super high rise too for the bump & my friend who's 24 weeks with twins is living in them so I thought I'd give them a try.... Just ordered 2 pairs. Do yourself a favour and get these!
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