Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Early Loss

I was 5 weeks pregnant and my implantation bleeding turned into a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy. My tests are all still coming up with positives and I keep taking them even though the drs have confirmed through bloods that it's gone. I feel sad even though it was early, and kind of lost. In my heart I know it was a boy, and am wondering if I should give him a name..

Re: Early Loss

  • Sorry for your loss. <3 The healing process is different for everyone and if giving your boy a name will help you heal then you should do what feels right. 
  • Same happened to me last October. Except, long story short, it was ectopic. I also felt like it was a boy and had a name pop in my head a few days before the bleeding started, Michael. Never been drawn to that name before, but it was helpful for me to have a name for him  <3 so sorry you are going through this
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