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Name for baby girl #2

DD #1 is Lydia. Thanks!

Name for baby girl #2 46 votes

39% 18 votes
Matilda “Tilly”
26% 12 votes
Gwendolyn “Winnie”
19% 9 votes
4% 2 votes
Lucille “Lucy”
10% 5 votes

Re: Name for baby girl #2

  • Clara and Lucille are my favorite but I don’t love two L names or two ending I’m A names. So Gwendolyn  

  • harpseal135harpseal135 member
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    I would say Eleanor- Elenora is too much!  No vote.
  • All great names, but I just love Gwendolyn! I personally would use nn Gwen.

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  • ‘Winnie’ is at the top of my list for our team green baby due in July! <3
  • mb0112mb0112 member
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    Voted Clara but Gwendolyn is in 2nd place and I love Winnie. Matilda 3rd.
  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
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    I love Matilda and Eleanor best, I have a thing for warrior queens though...
  • Voted Gwendolyn but do not like Winnie at all

  • Love your name choices!

    I adore Matilda, in part due to the children's fantasy story Matilda, but Clara and Eleanora are also beautiful.

    I LOVE Winnie but prefer it over the Gwendolyn, and like it tied to Winnifred, and LOVE Lucy much more than Lucille.  
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