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baby girl names

I’m really struggling with names for our baby girl. DH is super sweet and indifferent, but I need someone to give me some thoughts. We are set on the initials, but here are some of the top contenders 

baby girl names 47 votes

Maren Lindsay
44% 21 votes
Mila Lennox
14% 7 votes
Mara Lillian
34% 16 votes
Marlowe Lauren
6% 3 votes

Re: baby girl names

  • Voted Maren Lindsay. Mara sounds unfinished in comparison and I don't think the names with L flow very smoothly. But since most don't use middle often I do like Mila with Lauren 
  • Love Maren! 

    Suggesting Lorraine, Lynette, and Leanne as possible middles to help break up the choppiness of two 2-syllable names. :)
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  • Maren or Mila. I don’t love Lindsay unless it has special meaning to you. I dislike Lennox.

    suggesting other middles like

    Maren Louise
    Maren Louisa 
    Maren Lydia
    Maren Leah
    Mila Lauren 
    Mila Laurel
    Mila Lucille
    Mila Leigh

  • Have you thought of Marla?
    I'm not fond of any of those names, but Marla is great! 
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