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Baby Girl #2

We are expecting our second girl and of course only had decided on a boy's name. We want to use Willa to honor FIL who passed away (FN was William). I think I prefer it as a MN but it doesn't seem to flow with anything I come up with so it will likely be a FN.

Other names I like:

For reference DS is Phillip and DD is Gemma. Any input is appreciated :)

Re: Baby Girl #2

  • Willa goes better with the siblings than any of the others on your list. I also like Adelaide and Charlotte but don’t like those popularity.

    If you don’t love Willa as a first name I think you should keep looking and use it as a middle. Flow doesn’t even matter much if it’s a special name to you. 


    Grace Willa
    Sophie Willa
    Lucy Willa
    Simone Willa
    Bridget Willa
    Phoebe Willa
    Laurel Willa
    Ruby Willa
    Alice Willa

  • You could pair Willa with an 'iambic' name in either spot to help with flow. It gets you away from the choppiness of two 2-syllable names. 

    Willa Nicole
    Willa Suzanne
    Willa Kathleen
    Camille Willa
    Celeste Willa

    Or a longer name...

    Elizabeth Willa
    Margaret Willa
    Genevieve Willa

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  • What about lengthening it to wilhelmina?? Willa sounds incomplete to me personally but I like the sentiment behind it. 
  • @mamabearcj Wilhelmina just seems like a pretentious mouthful to me. I prefer shorter names. Thank you for your input!
  • Willa Rose was a contender for us with DD1. 
  • Love Willa as first name
  • I love the name Willa, it just seems so whimsical and sweet to me. It is a great tribute to the baby girl's late grandpa.

     If you pair it with a middle name you love (Willa Rose as a previous commenter suggested is lovely, Willa Grace, etc) that might help.

    However, if you just don't feel like it should be a first name and vastly prefer it as a middle name, keep in mind that your husband and family might end up calling the baby by first and middle name a lot. First names and middle names sounding nice and flowing well is important, but if you end up with a baby (intentionally or unintentionally) with basically two first names (like Anna-Marie or Mary-Kate, etc) flow and sound is even more important.

    Savannah Willa sounds off. Isabelle Willa does too. Adelaide Willa is okay (I think?). Charlotte (a name I adore and thought of for my first baby) Willa is okay too. 

    Willow or another William-esque/inspired girl name might be more to your liking.  

  • @captainanna Thank you and yes I totally agree with what you are saying about flow. And I use our kids' middle names a lot (when they are in trouble for instance lol) so flow is important. 

    We have been talking about it a lot and have decided on Charlotte Willa or Willa Charlotte. I personally think the latter sounds a bit better but DH favors the former.
  • I like Savannah
    also Dayna and Abigail/Abby
  • I like Willow the best out of all the girl options. This is random but Salice means Willow in Italian which pairs well with Gemma! I know it obviously sounds nothing like William but we used that as our basis for getting to it right! I think its stunning.

    Savannah Salice 
    Isabelle Willow or Isabelle Salice
    Adelaide Willa - Willa actually works well here
    Charlotte Salice 

    I think these sound nice!!

  • Thanks everyone! I'm 99% sure we are going with Willa Charlotte 😁
  • Willa Charlotte is lovely! Congrats :D
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