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Weaning my Toddler

Looking for advice on how to wean my LO, she is 21 months but nurses more often now that she ever did as a newborn. I planned to nurse until she is two like I did with my first born but she nurses much more often than he did at this age. He was only nursing in the morning and before nap/bed time. He had a pacifier and blanket that brought him comfort during the day. My daughter is only comforted by nursing. I don't really want to stop cold turkey, but need to transition her into finding comfort in another way. She eats plenty of solid food during the day so I know it is not a hunger issue. Has anyone else had this struggle? Any tips on how to handle this are much appreciated!!! 

Re: Weaning my Toddler

  • Try to drop one feed at a time, either by not offering it or trying to distract/replace it with a sippy cup or snack. Hopefully that will allow you to get down to the number of feeds you’d prefer and help you get to your BFing goal.
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  • I just came here for this same question! My daughter is 23 months and absolutely obsessed with nursing. Not only does she want to nurse constantly, but she also has to have her hand down my shirt trying to fiddle with my nipples, and it hurts. I’m so over it. Unless I’ve been out of the house for awhile and I know she has missed me I’ve started telling her no when she asks to nurse at any time other than bedtime, and then offering a cup of milk. She used to get furious (and often still does) and throw a fit, but sometimes when I say no she just tilts her head and says, “how ‘bout milk?” And walks to the cabinet where I keep the sippy cups (this gives me hope!). If anyone has advice on the fiddling and how to remove that last feeding I will be forever grateful.
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