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6 week old ravenous - eating 12+ times a day

Im 37 and My 6 week old seems to never be satisfied with just breastfeeding. He's gaining weight, growing, and having wet diapers but poor fellow never seems to be satisfied. I'd like to breastfeed exclusively for at least 3 months but not sure he will he satisfied and my breasts and I are exhausted with feeding him 12-16 times a day for long stretches. Any one else has this experience and can offer suggestions or how it was if had to give child formula to supplement. 

Re: 6 week old ravenous - eating 12+ times a day

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    I believe there is a 6 week growth spurt. Keep nursing on demand and your supply should should be able to match your baby’s demand.
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  • If it keeps up, ask about reflux. My youngest DS went on a breastfeeding binge when he was about 6 weeks old. I would barely put him down and he'd want more. After some research I found that could be a symptom of reflux because the milk neutralizes the acid. 
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