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PGAL w/o 3/18

This thread is a safe place for those who are pregnant after a loss. (PGAL). If you have suffered a loss please feel free to answer the questions below and keep things going throughout the week as a continuing conversation.  

If you haven’t suffered a loss, please refrain from answering the questions, but know we welcome anyone who wants to come in and support the PGAL ladies and their milestones with encouragement or love tits! Thank you!  

1. How many weeks are you? 

2. Previous loss(es)? 

3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? 

4. Any appointment updates? 

5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

6. Any milestones coming up? 

7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? 

Re: PGAL w/o 3/18

  • katyl90katyl90
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    1. How many weeks are you? 4ishhh. My cycles were shorter after MC so I missed my period this weekend but im only technically 4 weeks today.

    2. Previous loss(es)? MC in November 2018

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Anxious. My tests the past 2 days have been super faint. Plus it's the whole reality of just because I see a positive test doesn't mean I'm taking home a baby. Physically, i have cramping and bank pain. I feel a lot less "pregnant" than i did my first time.

    4. Any appointment updates? I go in friday to confirm pregnancy hopefully and talk about my anxieties.

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I told my friend because I'm going on vacation with her next week and she will notice me not drinking. She knows about me TTC and she is also TTC. Before I told her, shes been telling me how much she hopes I'm pregnant (even after she got her period she kept saying she hopes this is still my month) so I thought she would be happier when I told her. She wasn't rude, just didnt show any happiness at all. I just feel so so bad and hope it doesnt ruin vacation if she is upset about it.

    6. Any milestones coming up? Nopee. Not until my first ultrasound when i (hopefully) will see a baby measuring accurately with a healthy heartbeat.

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? My dog forever and always. I am a crazy dog mom to the extreme.

  • 1. How many weeks are you? 5 weeks 

    2. Previous loss(es)?  15 week loss Dec 2018

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? I'm not really feeling super pregnant. The only symptom I have is fatigue. Emotionally I'm a bit all over the place. I made my US appointment yesterday and I talked to a different nurse. When I told her I needed to do my US in a different office she started asking questions. I broke down crying because the thought of going back in that room is too much for me. I don't think I will ever be able to go in there. I would start uncontrollably sobbing. 

    4. Any appointment updates? My next appointment is 4/3. My anxiety is going to build until that appointment is over. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I feel overwhelmed with everything I need to get done this week. The plus side is that DH will have a few days off this week. He has been working nonstop lately. 

    6. Any milestones coming up? 15 weeks

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better?  I love snuggling with my pets too. I also like pampering myself so a day at the spa is also nice. 

    @katyl90 I'm sorry your friend isn't taking it so well. It probably felt like a gut punch to her. I'm sure she will process her feeling before your vacation and be able to show some excitement for you. 
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 6w 5d

    2. Previous loss(es)? missed MC october 2018

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Today is hard. I unknowingly miscarried at this point in my last pregnancy. Trying to get through today through Friday until we have our first us. Physically I have been very tired but today and yesterday have been better although that's not crappy symptoms make me feel better that the pregnancy is progressing. 

    4. Any appointment updates? this friday 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? OF COURSE I have no spotting and then today I have pinkish/brown with a sliver of bright red discharge after a bm. So now I'm a mess....thinking this is going to end just as the last one....trying to stay calm and relaxed but this is SO. HARD. of all days why today??? ugh!!!! 

    6. Any milestones coming up? TODAY 

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? A long, uninterrupted, hot shower. 
  • @aejonesrn I'm sorry you're having such a rough time today. I hope this week flies by for you and you see a HB at your US. Hugs ❤
  • @emeraldcity1214 thank you, the support here means so much  <3
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 4+3

    2. Previous loss(es)? 1, MC 8 weeks

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? I felt like I was handling things pretty good at work today, then I thought I saw some blood when I went to the bathroom today and couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of the day. Now I'm drained and just..exhausted.  Physically, I'm also exhausted and bloated but no other symptoms right now. Trying to tel myself it's because it is so early, not because anything's wrong. 

    4. Any appointment updates? Have my first April 24th. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Ehh..not really, I guess. I'm also brain dead right now and can't think of any questions 

    6. Any milestones coming up? Looking forward to first appointment

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? A long walk in the woods. Sigh. Not happening. 

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  • @unicornsthecat usually symptoms don't show up until week 6 or 7. So try not to worry too much about that. Once they get going it's normal for them to come and go as well. Hugs ❤ I'm sorry you have been spotting. Being in your head can be a bad place to be with pgal brain. 
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 4+6

    2. Previous loss(es)? 4 previous losses

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? I'm feeling pretty good right now. I went in to get my hCG levels checked Monday and got called today that they looked great! I'm going in soon for a repeat test. Then hopefully more good news tomorrow

    4. Any appointment updates? Kind of an appointment today with getting my levels rechecked. Then I may be ultrasound bound in 2-3 weeks

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Why won't it be spring yet!

    6. Any milestones coming up? 

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? Relaxing on my couch with a good book
  • I totally get the anxiety and nerves mentioned by others. This is a stinky club to be in. Stick little babies, stick!
  • Thank you @emeraldcity1214 Took a walk and tried to relax actually worked!

    Hugs to everyone ❤ 

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  • @unicornsthecat how is the spotting? Have you been able to rest and take it easy? 
  • I went out last night and I was around some people who haven't heard about my loss. Two different people caught me off guard asking me if I was pregnant. I had to take a few seconds to figure out which pregnancy they were talking about, this one or my last one. Then I realized they couldn't possibly know about this pregnancy. So I had to tell them about my loss. I usually break down crying when people mention it but last night I was able to get through it without crying. This is why I just can't tell everyone this time. My loss was in December and I'm still having to answer questions about that loss. 
  • Well I think I may be on my way out of this group...My midwife called with some very discouraging news and didn't sound hopeful...
  • @emeraldcity1214 sorry you were caught off guard with's always hard to organize your thoughts and figure out what you'll say about your loss in those kind of moments, at least that's how I've felt at times. I've found that the more time goes by the more comfortable I am talking openly about my loss without getting emotional. It somehow gives that pregnancy/baby validation for me. It's hard sometimes but whenever I choose to talk about it, I do feel better after. You never know who is listening and who may have gone through/going through similar and find comfort in your words. ((Hugs))
  • @aejonesrn I was around a bunch of church ladies and the majority of the women there are from my MOPs group. They all know about my loss. I even posted on our FB page about my loss so that everyone could say what they wanted to say there. I just couldn't take anymore public crying. These ladies were older and they just didn't know. Our church is on the smaller side so everyone knew I was pregnant once I announced. It has taken longer for everyone to hear the news of my loss. I don't mind talking about my angel baby but I never know when I'm going to start crying and I just have to stop bawling in front of people. 
  • @ashcakes921 what did your midwife say? Are your betas not increasing? 
  • Joining you!

    1. How many weeks are you? 6+3

    2. Previous loss(es)? (3)- 2MCs, DS stillborn at 23w DX with genetic abnormalities

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? I am doing okay. Trying to take things one day at a time. I am nervous like everyone else. Focusing on being cautiously optimistic. Physically I am exhausted and bloated, no other symptoms. I feel pretty good so far so I'm trying to stay hopeful.

    4. Any appointment updates? Dating U/S on April 4

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? We were on vacation last week and missed a call from our genetic counselor, now she is on vacation this week. She has the results from our last round of genetic testing and I'm anxious to connect with her. Slightly annoyed that I have to wait until Monday.

    6. Any milestones coming up? Looking forward to getting past our dating U/S (FX for a good scan).

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? 30 minutes to myself!

  • @emeraldcity1214 I am sorry that you are still dealing with having to explain your loss.That was something I went through as well and it's really hard for sure. It's especially tough when it comes up unexpectedly in a social setting.

    @ashcakes921 Thinking of you. I hope it's not bad news.

  • @doraleigh35 our dating US are a day apart. I hope we both get the news we are hoping for. ❤
  • Also jumping in!

    1. How many weeks are you? 4+5

    2. Previous loss(es)? MC in sep 2018, baby was almost 9 wks.

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Not overly anxious yet because I'm trying not to think about it, which is sad since I never thought like that with my first pregnancy. I haven't even told DH yet...I found out last week at 3w5d. Physically I have been extremely exhausted, mild cramping/pulling. 

    4. Any appointment updates? I have my annual medical appointment that my company sends me too on April 2nd, they always do a full ultrasound of everything, so I will ask if they can have a quick peek at baby. Official dating ultrasound is April 9th. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Rant - both DD and DH are very sick with the flu all week and somehow i have not caught it yet! 

    6. Any milestones coming up? my milestone is still a way away, but I will be happy to get through any ultrasounds at this point since the last time it didn't go so well. 

    7. GTKY? What are some things that make any day better? Singing and driving in the car with the window's down 
  • @emeraldcity1214 @doraleigh35 My numbers went from 1100something to 1700something. The midwife (who is a well liked, well respected midwife in my area) said I will likely miscarry or it's an abnormal pregnancy. This sounds bad, but if it's not going to work out, I hope it's just a miscarriage and nothing like an ectopic pregnancy...She is putting in a recommendation for me to meet with fertility specialists but this would make 5 miscarriages in a row and I think I'm done...I have one daughter already and I think I'm done with this whole thing
  • Also @emeraldcity1214, I'm sorry to hear that you had to explain your recent loss. That's never easy. But one small victory for making it through without tears
  • @ashcakes921 I'm so sorry. Are they going to do an US to check growth and then another US in a week to confirm? I wouldn't do anything drastic until it is confirmed. I'm so so sorry that this journey has been such a tough road for you. Hugs ❤ please keep us updated. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 she didn't say anything about any additional tests and like I should just wait for the end to start
  • @ashcakes921 I'm sorry that you are faced with this. Hugs ❤
  • @ashcakes921 I’m so sorry you’re going through this, thinking of you ❤️ 
  • @ashcakes921 I'm so sorry that this has been such a difficult journey for you. Sending you big hugs. Keep us updated, I'll be thinking about you.

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    @ashcakes921 So so sorry and sending you all the love in the world right now 

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  • @ashcakes921 I am so sorry you are going through this. I'm thinking of you.
  • KurtniKurtni
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    @ashcakes921Thinking of you, and sorry for what you’re enduring. 
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  • @ashcakes921 sorry that you you are going through this <3  
  • Well ladies I suppose this is my farewell. We had are early ultrasound today at 7w and there was no heartbeat. I guess I just knew when my symptoms subsided earlier this week. I’ll be getting a D&C sometime next week. This makes 2 losses within 6 mo for DH & I, we are heartbroken. But we are not giving up hope. Please do not be discouraged reading my story. I wish you all nothing but big, beautiful, bouncing, screaming babies in Nov. thank you for being such a lovely/supportive group of women in the short time I’ve known you all. ❤️
  • I’m so sorry @aejonesrn sending you lots of love and strength 
  • @aejonesrn I'm so sorry. Are you sure on your dates? Could you have ovulated later than you think? 
  • @emeraldcity1214 she said there was a gestational sac and measuring were I should be, they think it happened earlier this week. 
  • @aejonesrn very sorry to hear this, sending you strength and prayers to get you through this time ❤️
  • @aejonesrn I'm so sorry. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. ❤
  • 1) how many weeks are you?   4w3d  EDD: November 28th
    2) previous loss: my son Colton born at 29 weeks stillbirth on 1/6/19 (perfect pregnancy then went into glucose testing and found no heartbeat) Tomorrow 3/24 is my due date with him 
    3) how am I feeling? Physically doing really well I kept up with my prenatels after my delivery and stayed active. Emotionally good days and bad.  Excited for our rainbow baby but makes me miss my son that much more.
    4) appointments coming up: April 18th 
    5) rants/raves and questions: no rants. raves: Even though it’s early I’m extremely blessed and thankful to see another positive pregnancy test and praying for a healthy baby. 
    6) any milestones; yes! I graduate nursing school on August 1st and so excited!  
    7) what makes any day better?  Holding my 3 children everyday and the “Colton bear” the stuffed animal bear urn he’s in. They make life complete for me. 

    I pray and hope everyone here has healthy pregnancies! 
  • How is everyone feeling? Keeping calm or barely calm? 

    I seem to be extremely anxious and I think it is related to my upcoming US. I am still temping and my temperature dipped this morning. So of course I have been worried about that all day. I'm hoping my temperature from today adjusts up tomorrow when I sync my sensor (I use a wearable temping device called Tempdrop so it isn't a regular BBT. It retroactively changes my temps as it filters out "noise.") Of course today is the day I start having some cramping again. I'm confident the cramping isn't anything to worry about because it was localized to 1 spot. I'm just trying to stay calm. 
  • I’m definitely barely calm here but holding on.

    @emeraldcity1214 how have your temps been since the BFP is this a noticeable dip? Just constantly going up or slightly fluctuating? Mine has remained high but goes up and down a bit, all above coverline. I hope today’s adjustment evens itself out for you!

    Question: what would a temp look like if I was having a CP? Would it dip right away or still hold out? ( sorry I started spotting yesterday so my mind is all over the place )
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