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hi there ! I am 5 weeks 6 days. 6 weeks on Sunday! This is my first pregnany so everything is making me nervous! Trying to stay cool and calm! I read all this stuff and I know everyone is different. Only things I have had is sore boobs, bloating and some cramping that last maybe 10 min a couple times. I think I was nauseous once or twice and moody here and there!  but that’s it, no vomiting no spotting. I mean I know it’s still early and I don’t know if this is normal not to spot because I keep reading everyone is spotting or having a lot of discharge. Which I am not. My apt isn’t till April 2nd! So I don’t feel pregnant at all!! Anyone else feel this way?? 

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  • Hi welcome and congrats on your pregnancy. When you have some time, introduce yourself in the Intro thread. Also read through the "Read First" thread. It explains how this board is organized. One off posts like these are discouraged because it clutters our board. There are lots of ladies discussing their symptoms in the Symptoms thread. You can read through to see what others are experiencing and post your symptoms/lack of symptoms and get feedback. 
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