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40+ NIPT

Hello ladies,

I'd love to hear from any of you October 2019 moms who are over 40 and have already done NIPT.  How'd it go?  How are you reacting?

I'm 44, 10 weeks, and I have my first appointment Monday with my maternal-fetal specialist. I got pregnant through IUI, so I've already had three ultrasounds with my fertility doctor, but now comes the scary screenings and testings.  Just looking to hear from others who have already been through it.

Re: 40+ NIPT

  • We have an entire NIPT/NT thread just a little bit down the board! I'd tag you in it, but I can't actually see your whole Knottie name to do it. We also have a post with instructions to change your username so we can find you and get to know you more easily!
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