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The Sex Thread: Announce Your Baby's Sex Here!

Tell us what you're having!
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Re: The Sex Thread: Announce Your Baby's Sex Here!

  • @BumpAdmin Could we get a sticky, please? :)
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • I'm not planning to find out, though DH wants us to. I'm still making my case to him for not finding out.
  • meagan-t said:
    I'm not planning to find out, though DH wants us to. I'm still making my case to him for not finding out.
    I’m the same way. This is our second child, I’d like it to be a surprise for me, but my spouse wants to know. I told him he can know the sex, but don’t spill the beans to anyone, including me. 
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    @jcbh2018 oh man I could never do that! If I knew he knew I would be like OK FREAKIN TELL ME! It definitely has to be a team effort for me to make it team green all the way 😂 which I really want to do! Yet I was already googling all the things last night about what it could possibly be... so shameful. 

    Eta: just saw about not clogging the thread... I promise not to comment any more 😆

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  • I can't wait to find out! 
    But I have to wait a bit. I'm only 9w3d.
  • Squeeeeee! Ccongratulations @galentine!
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    Thanks everyone. Sorry to get off topic. So happy for everyone who has found out! Yahoooo!  
  • @madiieeee if it's the genetics blood work, and not regular prenatal screening, then you can find out the sex from it! 
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    madiieeee said:
    I know this is irrelevant and kind of a silly question but how is everyone finding out early! I am offered the blood test for all that prenatal testing but I don’t think I get the option to find out gender from it, at least that’s the impression i’m getting from my doctor. 
    Not to derail the thread, but...

    There’s different levels of blood tests- kind of like there’s different levels of cars made by the same parent company. The normal screen offered to your non-AMA, non-high risk mom is what I’d call the Ford level of testing. It looks at different levels of hormones and such in your blood to make risk determinations. If it comes back high risk, you’ll offered the Lincoln level

    The Lincoln is more of a genetic test than a screen, but they still call it a screen. It looks in the mother’s blood for fetal genetic material and analyzes it for specific mutations and trisomies/monosomies. In addition, they are also able to determine if there is the presence of Y chromosomes because they’re looking closely in your blood for fetal DNA. If there is, they declare boy. If not, they say female. 

    Back in 2014, these tests were really only offered to the AMA moms. In 2016, it expanded to include all high risk moms and certain providers. Now, it’s becoming more mainstream to offer it to all moms as the tests become more widely available, but it’s not always offered. 
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  • Has anyone ever used dr Ramzi gender Predictor Method??
  • @prpl11butterfly just like the other prediction "test"??
  • @emily1052 I did it too. And mine was wrong too (said boy, NIPT said girl.) 😂😂😂
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