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TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 3/14

This is a check-in for those that were active in TTGP board before moving over here. Feel free to answer the questions or just make general conversation.

What's going on this week? 

How far along are you?

Anyone have an appointment this week?




GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

Re: TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 3/14

  • @prpl11butterfly haha, your niece is a clever one. Congrats on passing your milestones!

    What's going on this week? I think Jelly Bean will start moving arms and legs involuntarily now, hopefully we get to see that at our next US

    How far along are you? 10 +5 (EDD Oct 6th)

    Anyone have an appointment this week? Nope, but my blood results all came back well from my first appt (except my red blood cell count was a little low but not alarming yet)

    Cravings/Symptoms? Not really, I do feel quesy if I'm too hungry

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I'm so happy to be visiting family today through this weekend to give the news. My rant is that I have to work remote today and tomorrow since we're trying to save PTO for my leave

    Questions? Nada

    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? French fries~
  • What's going on this week? Baby can fit through the end of a paper towel tube. (Thanks, The Bump app!)

    How far along are you? 11 weeks, 1 day.

    Anyone have an appointment this week? I'm taking a cue from @galentine and am going in for my Panorama test tomorrow. My NT scan is next Friday.

    Cravings/Symptoms? I am eating Cheez-Its like nobody's business. And English muffins. I eat two English muffins a day and I can't/won't stop! This is also why I'm going to the gym.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I starting reading Expecting Better last night and I love it! This kind of information speaks to me. I've barely read any of What to Expect... (I just can't get into it), but I have a feeling that I'll be done with this book in no time.

    Questions? I asked it on The Great Question Thread, but for those who are taking progesterone when will you stop? Will you wean or go cold turkey?

    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? With my face. (High-five, everyone!! YOLO!) Okay, sorry. I love creamy mashed potatoes with butter OR crispy shoestring French fries. So I guess I'm eating potatoes and pie for dinner. 
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  • @prpl11butterfly, your niece is so clever. I hope it's ok with you that you were subtly outed!

    @marbellie, I am so excited to hear how your families react to the news! We are telling my in-laws this weekend too. My H is so excited ❤

    @elle-0409, yay for bloodwork tomorrow! Good luck!

    What's going on this week? 
    Baby is the size of a golden snitch! 💛 And apparently baby can smell now. That seems unfortunate because I bet the inside of a human doesn't smell too pleasant. 

    How far along are you?
    10w4d (wait, @marbellie, have I been counting wrong all this time?!)

    Anyone have an appointment this week?
    Yes, just with the nurse for NIPT bloodwork.

    Nausea has mostly faded away now, except for the times I let myself get hungry. Hungry = instant nausea. I'm craving ice cold water, lime jello, and nacho cheese doritos. Still having aversions to most healthy food ☹😂

    Rant: we skyped my MIL for her birthday and in our 30 minute call, she criticized or put down either my H or me about 10 times. I was unimpressed but also, unsurprised. 
    Rave: telling the in-laws this weekend!

    Anyone have any knowledge about the Counsyl brand NIPT testing? I assume all the brands are about the same....?

    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
    LOL to @Elle-0409's answer to this. I see now how I set myself up for that with the awkward wording! 😂 My favorites would either be diced and fried like cube/hash brown/breakfast potatoes (with Lowry's seasoning, yummm) or in poutine. I love me some poutine.

  • @prpl11butterfly I lol'ed a bit at that because your niece is too clever!! Glad you are starting to feel a bit better and so happy that your appointment this week went well.

    @marbellie Yay for your announcing this weekend! Glad you are able to WFH to save those PTO hours.

    @elle-0409 Mmmmmm... English muffins sound delicious. Especially with butter, cream cheese and strawberry jelly. GL with your upcoming test and scan!

    @galentine Darn, this is turning into the day where everything sounds good! I haven't had poutine in forever. Yay for announcing to your ILs. Hope it all goes well.

    What's going on this week? Baby is the size of a tab on a can of soda (also from TB). 

    How far along are you? 9+3

    Anyone have an appointment this week? Nope, not until 4/02 & 4/03 for basically all the tests, scans and regular 12 week OB visit.

    Cravings/Symptoms? Well I was doing okay until the talk of English muffins, poutine and all things potatoes.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I've been able to hear this babe's heartbeat using my Doppler almost every single time I try now. Of course last night when DH really wanted to hear it, the baby was hiding. But I heard it this morning while he was in the shower  B)

    Questions? nope

    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? all of the above mentioned answers are perfect! There hasn't been a potato preparation method that I don't like (did that make sense? lol)
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  • @prpl11butterfly haha you niece sounds like me at that age, I totally would have done that. I actually did something similar when we were on vacation and my parents thought I was sound asleep on the floor and they decided to have sex. I told everyone about how much "trouble" they had getting comfortable and kept making the bed squeak really loud. 
    @galentine I'm sorry about your chat with MIL, I don't know how you put up with that for 30 minutes. 

    What's going on this week? Speaking of potatoes baby is size of a tater tot

    How far along are you? 9w1d

    Anyone have an appointment this week? After a bleeding scare we had an appointment yesterday. Baby was measuring 8w2D but they still are leaving my EDD at 10/16. Looking good though and was happy with amount of growth.

    Cravings/Symptoms? I was really sick on Tuesday but since the nausea has lightened up quite a lot. The look and smell of red meat is turning my stomach, DH my sloppy joes and Tuesday and I wanted to throw up when he warmed some up for dinner last night. I can go to town on some crispy chicken though. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Not to much here. Annoyed at the plumbers and if it wasn't my BIL business I would have moved on to someone new by now. Trying not to let my bitchy pregnant self say something to him I'm going to regret, but I'm super irritated about things today. 

    Questions? Nope

    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? Boil em, Mash em, Stick em in a stew. Seriously though I love potatoes in almost any way, shape or form; mashed with lots of butter would be my favorite. NO GRAVY I hate gravy.
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  • @prpl11butterfly Oh my gosh, I can't believe that you're already 8 weeks! <3 GL at the open house!
    @galentine GL with your blood work tomorrow! And I will always love the "golden snitch" size comparison.
    @stephanie123456 Oh my gosh, everything on that English muffin sounds amazing! I think I'm going to make scones tomorrow because now I want clotted cream and jam. And how cute that the baby is shy around your husband! Although, I'm sure it can also be frustrating!
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @prpl11butterfly I'm so happy you passed your loss milestones 🌈
    @elle-0409 I've been wanting to read expecting better! What to expect is straight trash 😬😂 just so much old school thinking...
    @galentine I'm so sad your MIL treats you guys that way, how terrible...
    @stephanie123456 you are all making me really want a doppler, but I'm so afraid it'll stress me out more than ease my anxiety!
    @kindbytealikat no gravy!? You heathen! 😂😂

    What's going on this week? The size of a playing jack and starting to gain its balance and probably already better than their mama's haha 
    How far along are you? 9+2
    Anyone have an appointment this week? Next Tuesday for my 10w appt and NIPT blood draw! 
    Cravings/Symptoms? So. Much. Food. Aversion. I seriously only eat junk food and carbs right now. Anything barbecued or green makes me so queasy. 
    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Another showing last night that went well! We have an open house on Saturday and then our agent is going to begin approaching people and letting them know we're willing to go under asking! 
    GTKY: what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? Fried. French, homestyle, chips, whatever! As long as it's been cooked in a vat of fat 😂
  • @galentine no you're totally right, we're 10+4 today! My TB app does a pop up each morning that tells me I'm 1 day ahead but when I open the app it says the correct number.... some days I get confused 😂
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