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Time moving so slow, want to FF to the safe zone!

Anyone else out there thinking these days in the first trimester are getting slower and slower? What do you do to not think too much and worry?
I started meditation 5-10 minutes a day with the app "headspace" but I need more tips to relax and think positive!
Pregnant with my double rainbow baby now, 6 weeks tomorrow ❤️

Re: Time moving so slow, want to FF to the safe zone!

  • Hi, welcome and congrats! This would be a great conversation in our randoms thread. If you haven't already, you should read through the "read this first" thread. It explains how our board is organized. One off posts like these are discouraged because it will cause our board to be disorganized. 
  • Ok, how do I delete then?
  • There isn't a way to delete. Only the BG can do that. 

    Seriously though, head over to our randoms thread and start this conversation. You will get lots of feed back. Or you could ask this question in whichever group you fall in based off your EDD. This type of question creates a great conversation in those threads. 😊

    The reason board organization is so important is because when people may be going through a MC or have and are posting about it, we need those posts to be seen. No one will see them if they are 3 pages back because there are too many one off posts. Plus we have a spotting thread that needs to be seen as well. Those ladies need our support and they can't get it if their posts are buried. 

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