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  • I had my first appointment today. I just had bloodwork done and we talked about the possibilities of me developing a SCH during this pregnancy. She said it's rare to have one like I had last time but to just take it easy. So no exercising or lifting anything too heavy. I go back in 3 weeks for my first US. 
  • I go on Monday to get a blood test.  I'll be 6 weeks.  My first prenatal appointment isn't until 10 weeks- 4/15.  The wait is killing me!

  • Hi ya'll.  Went in for my first blood test. What does the result Negative ASBC mean for an antibody rest? Does this mean I’m Rh Negative? 

  • I had my first u/s with my RE today at 6w. We saw 1 little heartbeat and baby measuring right on track. I'll go back weekly for the next couple weeks until they release me to an OB.
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  • Called my OB after finding out. My first appointment will be to hear baby’s heartbeat via ultrasound at 8-9 weeks. They’re going to call me next week to set up my appointment, once they confirm my prenatal/maternity coverage with insurance. I’m so anxious! We are looking at the week before Easter being my first US. 
  • Just had my first appointment.. one baby, estimated due date remaining at 11/3, measured 11/1-11/2 depending on the imaging. My OB did recommend genetic screening for me, she said she pretty much recommends it to everyone, so I gave the blood for that today as well. Next up will be the NIPT and the NT scan.
  • @creamcheeseplease is the screening you gave the blood for something other than the NIPT bloodwork? 
  • @emeraldcity1214, yes, it looks at my blood to see if I am a carrier for any genetic diseases. Then when that comes back if I am a carrier for one or two diseases, they order a test on my husband to see if he is a carrier to any of the things that I am a carrier for. This was apparently not common or routinely offered during my last pregnancy, but I know a few people who have done this screening (although mainly before they got PG)
  • I think the only one I have heard of is the test for cystic fibrosis. I had that one done when I was pregnant with DD2. 
  • Does everyone typically get their US at the doctors office? I went in for my first appointment excited to see the baby...and got a pap/consult/referral for bloodwork and my dating and 11-13 week USs. Wondering if this is normal or if i should be looking for another doctor. This has been my GYN for the last several years but I’m a FTM and never have experienced her as an OB until now.
  • @plantmom some offices don't have an US machine in their office so they have to send you to another office to get it done. It shouldn't be that far from their office though. Usually it's down the hall in another suite. 
  • @plantmom the only u/s I will get at my OB's office is my dating scan, the other scans (NT and anatomy scan) are all done out of a central office with better equipment. But like @emeraldcity1214 said some offices don't have a US machine, I think I saw that a bunch from lurking posts in my last BMB.
  • 2nd US tomorrow morning to check on SCH. Looking forward to seeing little bean and hoping for an all clear <3 
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    Thanks, ladies! I am scheduled for next Monday so hopefully I’ll get to see little bean then!

    @creamcheeseplease @emeraldcity1214
  • Just had my appointment with my Physician and he is going to refer me to my old OB (YES!).  I have to take quite a few blood test and even a urine test to confirm pregnancy with them.  7w,5ds today.
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  • Does time ever move more slowly than when you are waiting for your first appointment US after finding out you are pregnant? April 18th may as well be April 18, year 2678. 
  • I went in last Thursday for what I thought was my 8 wk u/s. I measured earlier than I thought I would at 6w6d. I was freaked out at first but the OB reassured me- since I’m still breastfeeding my 10 month old son, ovulation can be unpredictable even if my cycles are reliable. 🤔😲  All of that makes sense- we were totally shocked to find out about the pregnancy in the first place. But, just to be on the safe side, I am going back on Monday (Apr 1st) for a follow up u/s to make sure everything is on track.
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