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Pregnant wit fibroids

Have any ladies  been pregnant with  fibroid and it cause any problems with pregnancy  I mean anything  I've had bleeding and clots now I think I'm 8 weeks  but dont see the baby or anything  can it be because of the fibroids 

Re: Pregnant wit fibroids

  • Hi, @dreka36. Post this under the question thread so you can get a lot more exposure to people answering questions.
  • What did your doctor say about fibroids and bleeding? And the presence of clots?
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  • slycatslycat
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    I have a very large 12 cm fibroid. I carried a full term pregnancy a few years ago. My only complication was a breech baby and the need for a c-section. I hope everything turns out okay for you. 
  • dreka36dreka36
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    Thank u 
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